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Aileen Wuornos Tyria Moore

Aileen Wuornos is one of the most famous female serial killers in history. She killed seven men while working as a prostitute, claiming that they tried to sexually assault her. Her girlfriend, Tyria Moore, convinced her to confess her crimes to the police. Here are ten facts about Tyria:

1. Tyria and Aileen met in a biker bar.

Tyria, or “Ty”, met Aileen Wuornos in a Florida biker bar in June 1986. At the time, Ty was 24 years old and worked as a hotel maid. She recalled the evening: “She was in there alone, I was in there alone…we started a conversation and she went home with me that night.” They spent the weekend together and became a couple.

2. Tyria was Aileen Wuornos’s longest relationship.

Aileen was 30 years old and working as a highway prostitute when she met Ty. She'd been through a serious of short relationships with men and had even been married for nine weeks to Lewis Gratz Fell. But in Ty, Aileen found someone special. She was in love. Ty became the center of her universe and their relationship lasted for four years.

3. Tyria disapproved of Aileen’s prostitution.

tyria moore where is she now

Ty and Aileen lived in cheap motels and trailers, and even in the woods a couple of times. Aileen supported them through her prostitution on the Florida highways. However, Ty didn’t approve of her work. “Once I found out she was prostituting, I tried everything I could to have her stop doing that…for one, it’s not safe, and then I did care about her. But she…she never gave it up.”

Despite their disagreement, the two remained close. Aileen considered Ty to be her wife and enjoyed providing for her. When Aileen was home, they spent time together watching television or drinking in bars. Aileen, the more dominant one, frequently got into altercations. Between 1987–1988, she was questioned by police at least three times for hitting a man with a beer bottle, vandalizing her apartment (along with Ty), and making threatening phone calls to a supermarket.

4. Tyria knew about at least one of the murders.

On November 30, 1989, Aileen shot and killed Richard Mallory, a man who she said tried to rape her. She drove home in Mallory’s Cadillac and confessed the murder to Tyria. “We were sitting on the floor watching TV. She just come out and said, ‘I have something to tell you.’ And I asked her what. And she said she had shot and killed a man that day.”

Tyria later told police that she'd told Aileen that she didn’t want to know any more. The following year, Aileen Wuornos killed more men, shooting them and stealing their belongings. Ty’s suspicions grew as Aileen brought home more stolen items. She refused to listen when Aileen tried to tell her where she got them, fearing that she might be forced to call the police if she heard the truth.

To complicate matters, Aileen had grown increasingly angry and unstable. Although she’d promised Ty that she would never hurt her, Ty was afraid of what Aileen might do if she felt betrayed.

They fell into a lifestyle of pawning the stolen belongings of murdered men for cash and driving their cars. It was through these practices that the two were eventually caught.

5. Tyria’s involvement was discovered through a car accident.

On July 4th, 1990, Aileen and Ty ran off the road in a 1988 Pontiac Sunbird near Orange Springs, Florida. The car belonged to Peter Siems, a 65-year-old man who had disappeared the month before.

A witness said that she saw two women climb out of the car, cursing and throwing beer cans into the forest. The blonde one was bleeding. She provided the police with descriptions, and they sent out a nationwide bulletin.

Calls came in identifying the two women. Aileen’s bloody handprint on the car was matched to a thumbprint on a Daytona pawn shop card used for items belonging to Richard Mallory. As the police closed in, Aileen killed three more men. When Ty heard that she and Aileen were wanted, she moved to Pittston, Pennsylvania to live with her sister.

On January 9, 1991, police arrested Aileen at the Last Resort, a biker bar in Port Orange, Florida. The next day, Ty was located in Pittston. Two officers took her statement, but didn't charge her with anything.

6. Tyria agreed to help the police.

The police approached Ty with an offer she couldn’t refuse: get Aileen Wuornos to confess in exchange for immunity. Ty agreed, and returned to Florida where the police set her up in a motel room in Daytona.

7. Tyria convinced Aileen to confess.

The police provided Ty with a cover story: her mother had given her money to return to Florida and collect her things. They instructed Ty to tell Aileen that the police were questioning her family and that she believed she would be blamed for the murders.

Quick note: Aileen wrote an autobiography which I highly recommend to anyone interested in a more intimate window into her life. It's called Monster: My True Story and you can check it out here. Its a great read.

The first phone call took place on January 14, 1991. Aileen was cagey about giving any details and seemed to refer to events in code. Ty persisted with further phone calls, each growing more frantic. By the sixth call, Aileen assured Ty that she would not let her go to jail. On January 16, Aileen confessed to the murders of seven men and expressly stated that Ty was innocent.

8. Tyria testified against Aileen, who was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death.

Tyria described to the jury about how Aileen told her that she killed Richard Mallory, and that she did not seem upset or drunk at the time. Aileen cried as the telephone confession tapes were played. Afterwards, she was convicted of murder.

9. Tyria Was Not Depicted As Selby Wall in Monster

Aileen Wuornos Girlfriend

In the 2003 movie about Aileen Wuornos, Tyria moore was replaced by a fictitious character named Selby Wall, played by Christina Ricci. Tyria is reputed to be litigious and protective of her reputation, so the director created a new character in order to avoid any potential issues.

10. Tyria Moore: Where is she now?

According to recent public records, Ty lives in Pennsylvania with her wife and family. Serial killer Aileen Wuornos' girlfriend Tyria Moore has been the subject of much speculation. Tyria was said to be the love of Aileen’s tragic life; Aileen would do anything for her. But during the four-year relationship, Aileen killed seven men while working as a highway prostitute.

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Tyria claimed to be unaware of the murders, yet her suspicions grew when Aileen brought home stolen cars and goods that they later sold at pawn shops. When the police finally caught up with them, Tyria worked with them to draw a confession from Aileen, which ultimately resulted in a murder conviction and the death penalty. What kind of life did Aileen Wuornos and Tyria Moore share and why did Tyria help the police? Did she have a role in Aileen’s crimes or was she innocent?

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Screw that fat, ugly bitch Tyria Moore. Her fat, lazy ass sat up in the motel eating, watching TV and getting drunk while Aileen went out and did dirty, horrible shit for Ty because she thought for once in her atrocious life someone actually loved her.

I feel nothing but compassion for Aileen and abhorrent disgust for Tyria. She’s a manipulative, soulless bitch and what she did to Aileen was beyond cruel.

I hope that fat bitch pays for her selfish ways, in this life or the next.

RIP, Aileen. The world turned it’s back on you, so you turned your back on the world.

I get it. 💔

Teti González

I truly believe that Ty definitely knew about everything! Yes my heart goes out to Aileen because she had a horrible upbringing. Me being a victim as sexual molestation for years can’t remember when it started or when it ended and still haunts me till this day. I never hurt anyone but was subjected to abuse most of my life. So with that being said, Ty is a bitch from hell! If she felt anything at all for Aileen she would of helped her some kind of way no matter what it took. Obviously Aileen would of done anything for Ty! From the first time I saw the movie I thought as many of you, death penalty was far to harsh. She needed help and the system failed her big time. RIP Aileen! Wish back then the ppl here n myself could of helped you some kind of way! 🙏🙏

Debra lamberson

Yea I think ty was responsible and the cops set her free.Ty needed to be punished to she was responsible for the death of those men…..but since she got away with being a complish of the murders she will meet face to face with the lord…you can’t do wrong and get by….


I’m so sorry R. Siems that they have not found your grandfather yet. Prayers for your family.


Ty is as much responsible for these mens deaths, Ty wanted money , not have to do anything for it, she manipulated Eileen, all Ty had to do is show Eileen love nothing more and Eileen would have done anything for her. Absolutely terrible mis justice.

Life is hard80

Aileen was trying to keep her gf happy and did all she could for money! She promised her a “Party Party life” That’s the quickest way to get money. Her gf had no clue what she would go through during her encounters.. Why didn’t she try to help her by getting a job too? Instead of putting all the pressure on Aileen? She was the one who hit on her first. !???! Aileen handled all those nasty ass foools! Rest In Peace Aileen! ❤️

Joy Gill

If Tyria was innocent, why then she state in a phone conversation she was scared of going to jail? That’s what always made me wonder. I believe Lee covered for her, although Tyria didn’t commit the murders, she still knew about them.

R. Siems

My grandfather’s body is still missing. I wish I could find him and bring closure to my family.

Mai mia

Ty is a real monster in this situation. She manipulates Aileen to kill people so she can get some money. Aileen is just a person who wants to be loved for the first time in her life. That’s not an excuse for what she did but the reality that Ty is free and wasn’t charged for any crime makes me sad and angry.

Carolann Houmeidan

I really believe Ty was fully aware of what Aileen was doing. I’m also very sure she may of been present on one occasion and I also believe with all my heart Ty didn’t love Aileen as much as Aileen loved her!! Ty found someone to use!! Sadly even if that meant taking her life, lord knows Ty is not good looking, had nothing to offer, and when push came to shove Ty took off!! I don’t believe in murder and state killing is revenge ( to me ) I believe the only one who decides death is God. I do wonder how Ty sleeps at night knowing she has blood on her hands regardless involved with the actual murders or not she definitely is with Aileen’s. May god provide peace on all the deceased.


If I had met Eileen I probably would have befriended her as I understand her rage. No man or woman should have abused her as child and as a woman. Her body was never respected by any family or victims of her rage

Saki Sanobashi

Typical example of a failed wannabe-gold digger. This kind of people aren’t particularly beautiful or charming, nor are they smart or ambitious: they cannot aspire to get big cows to milk (and to any valuable target, like a brilliant school career or a well paid job), so they attach like leeches to the best (or the less worst) target within their reach. Tyria was just an overweight waitress, a woman neither beautiful nor charming and not even smart. Plus, she was lesbian… Surely, a problematic street hooker was the best that she got at the time.


is it only me or that confession thing really feels like betrayal


I don’t like when bad people get Immunity deals, to save their own bacon. I don’t see how, Tyria sleeps at night. AW, should at least be doing life.

conni Jensen

,Ty got a deal that is the way police work. Learned that from sister lawyer/judge. I got deal but ex boyfriend told cops I did not know anything and I did not. Cops got what they wanted the confession.

Just a guy

I ask myself, how can a human being during their formidable years be cast aside like garbage. They have no healthy human emotional relationships, then out of despair, anger and sadness take a life, in their minds justified. Clearly not acceptable behaviour, to act out a heinous act.

On the flip side an individual with every positive opportunity in life and with being accepted and emotionally invested in, depart from the opportunity and now consciously commit the same heinous act receive no time served, or little time and only the few the death penalty.

Perhaps the citizenry should ask the question……an individual starting their life in HATE and an individual starting their life surrounded with LOVE, committing the same unconscionable acts be treated the same?

Ms Wuornos deserved at the very least life with no parole. A clean bed, food, medical and an opportunity to understand and feel LOVE, REMORSE, GRATITUDE and to make whatever amends she could with the victims families if any and her maker.

My condolences to all parties.


Everyone made money off of Aileen’s tragedy. That is sick!


Aileen lived in a garage apartment in Holly Hill, Fl. across from me and was always really nice when I would see her. This was in 1991 and until the fbi showed up to search the apartment I had no idea who she really was. I hope her soul is at rest now.


Aileen should never had been executed. She needed treatment, but the real heartless woman in this story is tyria. She used lee to get what she wanted and even pushed her back into prostitution because she wanted more money. Tyria never loved Aileen. She was only with her for she could tyria. It is so sad that she finally thought she had found love only to be betrayed in the worst way and be left alone again. Tyria is the heartless psychopath who feels nothing. She definitely should have been charged and convicted.


Yes she should of have gotten 30 years or so but not life then death I’m on Aileen side and all ways will be and I really don’t think she was ugly looks are not everything I think she rocked

Brandy Spence

I think Ty should have gotten punished too she benefited from the crimes. At least AW was loyal. Ty is a cold hearted rat just rode the wave and left AW to Drown.

David Blount

This is a very interesting, but but complex case I think. Eileen was slowly embrailed into an incredibly vulnerable and murky world, as, a sex worker from an early age. Meeting Tyria and falling so deeply and cometely in love should have saved her, but unfortunately she loved her so much that she wanted to protect and look after her at all cost. This is like a true life tragedy, as she could have escaped from her mysoganist world and lived in happiness with the woman who could very likely have because her wife.


I do not believe that Aileen jurors gave her consideration. If she deserved the Death Penalty so did Ty. I feel Ty was more guilty than Aileen. The first Murder was self defense. She did everything for Ty and in the end Ty caused her death! May God have mercy on your Soul! If you have one. The Judge showed his true color and Never should preside over any Cases!!!ty Moore just Lied and made a fortune off Ailey. You must remember Aileen did not kill until Ty Moore!!


Aileen Wuornos was a most unappealing person by the time she was thrust into media spotlight. Ugly, profane, wild-eyed. Nonetheless, thinking about her childhood, if it can be called that, makes me want to throw up. She was once a baby, a little girl, a tween but she was NEVER loved, safe, or hopeful. Why did no one help her as a child??? Was there no one in that damn community who would give her a place to sleep and a meal? Where were the counselors, ministers, social workers and neighbors? I feel sick when I think about her pitiful, brutalized life that led her to wreak her murderous revenge on those poor men.

Jessica Trammell

Aillen never had a chance in life. Her life was ruined before it really even started. Her mother failed her. Her grandfather abused her then the system failed her for sure. I think the first guy she murdered honestly was in self defense and then something inside of her just clicked and she became obsessed with killing

Patti Jenner

I believe aileen was made a monster nnot born one. She just wanted to be loved and treated like a human being. She really never had a chance in life and I believe Ty is a manipulative user and used Lee so she wouldn’t have to support herself and grow up. Ty is a liar and a bitch who I believe never loved Lee. I know this was all a long time ago, but Tyria’s soul is not clean and I truly believe she was very immature and spoiled and very demanding of Leevat the time and that ia why Lee continued prostituting and that is what lead to the murder of the last 6 men. Richard Mallory deserved what he got.


I strongly oppose the death penalty as it is – aside from it being barbaric and the sign of an undeveloped nation, think of it this way: people kill themselves every day to escape prison because it is so bad. Why help them out of that situation by giving them a helping hand? If you want to be seriously savage about it, being sentenced to death spares them the pains and suffering that regular life brings most people, like a long, painful battle with cancer, or failing kidneys. If you are set on revenge for someone’s crimes, you get greater revenge by keeping them alive for as long as possible.

The death penalty is only of significance to religious people who think they’re sending the executed straight to judgement quicker, which, let’s face it, is again the sort of thinking you see in an undeveloped country.

Anyway, with Aileen that sentence was so seriously unethical I’m shocked that the international community didn’t get involved. She was very obviously extremely mentally ill, and should have been sentenced to a high security mental hospital for the rest of her life.

Killing those who have little control over their actions isn’t justice, it’s simply the revenge of people incapable of looking at the bigger picture.

I know if I had a loved one be killed like Wuornos’s victims had been, I would be far more satisfied with her being locked up for the rest of her natural life than having that cut short by the state.

Bobbie Bernier

The hands of one is the hands of all. Ty knew damn well what Aileen was doing. She knew she could nt make an honest living. I feel she got a bad wrap from the very day she was born Hopefully she made peace with God before they killed her.


Learning more about this case really just shows how much of a POS Ty actually was. She only testified so she could make money off of Aileen.


Weird how Selby look nothing like the girl in real life but Lee did? The actor look good back in the 2000’s Selby I’m talking about


Selby push Lee to get more money after knowing Lee is going to kill guys to do so Selby push Lee to get a another car knowing she going to kill someone else to do so that poor old man didn’t have to die because of Selby greedy needs she should have gotten time too. I agreed with Kasi on April 16, 2020 Lee would not have killed all those guys she probably would have turned her self in if Selby didn’t run out on her family so it not 100% fair to blame one girl for what happened to those guys.

T But nEx

Aileen Wuornos was a sick murdering monster. I recently stayed at the Scoot Inn in Port Orange In the very room she lived in. Been to the Last Resrt bar several times. I have no sympathy for her, she wasn’t raped by all of her victims , she was a cold blooded murder and psychopath

In Dec/Jan 1990 I was buying gas at a station on Pine Street in Ocala. She asked me for a ride out on 200 which I was headed. She was fidgeting in a green knapsack. So half a block from the station I pulled into a Waffle House and told her to get out. She started crying. She got out and I split. Once she got in my truck she started acting weird. I saw her gf hitchhiking on 301 and south of I 10’L at the truck stop a few times. Saw the sheriff in Starke roust her life be Sunday morning. I have no doubt that she was involved in the murders despite what we have been took. GF and Marion County cops got togther to make $$$$ on a movie deal

Wuornos got what she deserved and her GF should have gotten a lethal hot shot too


she has a facebook , and is now married. her and her wife are ugly as shit. lmao

kAthy lOvstad

I know Aileen killed those seven men, but I don’t have bad feelings for her over this…yes it was murder and I hate that she did it. Ty on the other hand is a piece of shit because I believe she knew exactly what Aileen was doing..All the different cars and anything else she got off those men ty knew about.. Ty didn’t deserve Aileen…Aileen loved her so much because she never was loved before this because of the shitty life she lived..Seems everyone in her life didn’t care about her not even her parents…I can only imagine how her heart felt when she thought TY loved her like she did her…Ty knew Aileen would do anything to keep her and if it wasn’t for Ty Aileen would of never killed those men..I believe ty put pressure on Aileen to do what she did and made Aileen think she would leave her if she didn’t… Then ty gets off Scott free..Aileen loved her so much she continued to protect her and that makes my hate grow more for that ungrateful no good ty


I dedicate this for you Aileen Eva Cassidy you take my breath away.which sadly her girlfriend literally did take her last breath away

Bimjo Thunder

I am not suprised that ty would rat on Aileen like that. Yea she has nobody in her life, her brother passed away, her father commits suicide in prison, her mother abandons her and her brother then to go live with her grandparents which her Grandfather ends up sexually assaulting her but no I guess Tyria didnt think that was all enough so she decided to save her own ass and spit in the face of someone who truly loved her. I hope she continues to get hate for how she treated Aileen in the end.

Nicholas Snaith

What a story, I find it completely one sided the repucussions and I think Ty should of spent time as an accomplice.


I believe that Lee was violently raped, if not more than, at least once. Statistics were/are not in her favor to not have been subjected to awful violence. I don’t believe what drove her to the first murder was Ty but I do believe Ty knew a lot more about it for sure & was manipulative. Lee was vulnerable to being loved & that can be easy to manipulate.
I feel, in the end, Lee lost a little touch with reality after all the alone time spent on death row. I do respect her wanting to proceed with her death. I equally agree with her that she was a political pawn & money maker.


The movie “Monster” does give an indication into Selby/Tyria’s cold nature, when she forces Aileen to get up and get them a car, as well as her showing complete financial dependence on Aileen. She definitely traded on Aileen’s life for her immunity and imo was just as guilty.

It’s worth noting that Richard Mallory, Aileen’s first victim, was at the very least, suspected of sex crimes and I believe he did rape her.

It’s hard to feel sorry for a serial killer, one who has no respect for life, but given her terrible life circumstances, I do believe she deserves some pity.


I think the whole thing is a tragedy. Ty was far worse in my view point. She knew what was happening, but wanted that money rolling in so she didn’t have to work. She used Aillen so badly. Everytime I see the movie or documentary, it
angers me. Just one, one single person, could have changed the direction of Aileen’s entire life! Just one person who cared enough to help her. Really makes me stop and think…have I let someone down that needed my help, but I just simply missed it??? I certainly hope not, but I am more watchful now!! Ty should have rotted in prison, can’t understand at all why or how the police let her slide out of all of it!!! It will come back to her, she is the one who has to live with herself. That’s the only way I can look at this and not be upset!!!


It really made me Sad that Aileen was put to death…yes it was wrong for her to have murdered those men…I really believe in my heart she would not have killed had it not been for ty….I think she had alot more to do with it…and she should be in Prison. .I empathize with Aileen…She was just lost…what a shitty life for Aileen…

Kevin B

Tyria is as guilty and would appear she used aileen to get by. She is the colder bitch far as I can tell.


Wow Ty set her up to save her own ass and Aileen still lied on the stand to protect her- by saying she knew nothing
I’m not defending a murderer but how alone AW must have felt

maria Hernandez

Poor Aileen. Tyria should have gotten 20 years or more. She’s an ugly woman. I wrote to her . She never wrote back though. I’m glad she did have a friend Dawn at the end of her life. Very very sad story all around .


They made a deal with the Devil. And she moved on. Such a shame. So she helped the police to save her own ass, she at the very least should have served some time. in the pen.


I would love for netflix to do an investigative series on Aileen. What made her kill? What was her life like before all of this? How did she get sentenced to death? I know she wasn’t a saint but I think she got a raw deal. Her girlfriend Ty should be on death row too. She drove Aileen to do the killings and she sure as shit should be rotting away in jail. Ty is guilty too, she is scum and used Aileen horribly. I hope her life turned out really shitty.


I have read books watched documentaries and watched the film. I feel bad for all the victims and there families. I feel Ty was as guilty as Lee. I think that Lee was let down very badly as a child which led to this. Maybe her life would have been a lot different had the right people intervened when she was younger and stopped all the abuse. I feel bad for her.


Incredibly sad.


Aileen’s terrible life from childhood just resulted in petty crimes and hooking for survival, she did not kill until she was in a relationship with Ty. Aileen would have had huge difficulty finding legit work and needed a lot of help to go straight from any partner but was given the role of provider in that relationship. The first kill was due to rape but it allowed her to see how easy it was to kill and get money. She killed the others because it was the first time she felt loved, did not want to lose that relationship and was under pressure to bring in money. Ty might have been scared of her at some point but is possibly responsible for realising her hate of men and should have been the one helping Aileen straighten out and supporting her. She is toxic, used Aileen and person who was a mess with less going for her, should have been jailed and is the only person who was not a victim in this whole sorry story.


I feel Aileen was probably forced to do things as a prostitute which contributed to her self defense claim. When they uncovered later that the 1st victim she murdered had mental health issues with rape in his pass clarifies her possibly telling the truth. So you can forgive her killing the 1st victim possibly but to go back and continue prostitution work killing 7 more victims and taking their money is no longer self defense. Obviously that rape could have triggered her to become the monster she was labeled. All in all, it is a very sad story for the victims, families, and even Aileen.

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