The 7 Worst Teenage Serial Killers

When an adult serial killer commits a crime, there is a shock value behind it. The pathology behind the act is hard to comprehend by many. It is far more difficult, however, to comprehend the murderous acts of juveniles. When a teenager considers an act of murder, it creates unimaginable shock and confusion. If that kind of shock value interests you, so will the list of teenage serial killers below. Be sure to also check out some of the many products in our True Crime store.

Harvey Miguel Robinson

teenage serial killers

Harvey Miguel Robinson is currently biding his time on death row in a Pennsylvania prison for raping and kill three women. Robinson killed raped and killed his first victim, Joan Burghardt, in August of 1992 when he was just 17 years old. In June of 1993, at the age of 18, he raped and killed 15-year-old Charlotte Schmoyer.

Just a month later in July, he raped and killed Jessica Jean Fortney. Robinson attempted to rape and kill a fourth victim, Denise Sam-Cali, but she escaped with her life. Robinson became the first serial killer throughout the history of Allentown, Pennsylvania for his preference of raping and repeatedly stabbing his female victims.

Cayetano Santos Godino

Teen Serial Killer

Cayetano Santos Godino, also known as “El petiso orejudo” or “Big Eared Midget,” was an Argentinian teen serial killer who terrorized Buenos Aires between 1906 and 1912. Even before he committed his first murder at the age of 15, Godino showed signs of violence from a very early age. In January 1912, Godino’s first murder victim, 13-year-old Arturo Laurona, was located in an abandoned warehouse.

Just a couple months later, in March, Godino set 5-year-old Reyna Vainicoff’s dress on fire, which resulted in her death days later. In December 1912, Godino lured 3-year-old Jesualdo Giordano away from his home and into a country home with the promise of sweets. He threw the boy on the floor, attempted to choke him, bound the boy’s hands and feet and hammered a nail into the side of his skull.

Seisaku Nakamura

Seisaku Nakamura Teen Serial Killer

A young serial killer by the name of Seisaku Nakamura, also referred to as Hamamatsu Deaf Killer, was only 14 years old when he took the life of his first victims. Authorities believe Nakamura stabbed eleven people to death in Shizuoka, Japan.

The young man, who was born deaf, made attempts to rape two women who resisted whom, and so he killed them. He also murdered his brother and injured several of his family members. Although he committed his first murder in 1938, Nakamura was not arrested until 1942 and was executed in 1943.

Jesse Pomeroy

Pomeroy Teen Serial Killer

Jesse Pomeroy was a 14-year-old serial killer known to South Boston. Pomeroy displayed psychopathic tendencies from an early age. In April 1874, the body of young Horace Millen was discovered in the pit of a South Boston beach. His body was almost naked and mutilated by stab wounds.

Pomeroy had a penchant for torturing and beating children smaller and weaker than he. It is assumed that he acted this way because of the beatings sustained by his father and the bullying he faced from other kids. His mother was the only one who showed him any understanding.

Craig Price

Price Teen Serial Killer

In 1987, 13-year-old Craig Price murdered his first victim, a 27-year-old neighbor by the name of Rebecca Spencer, by stabbing her to death. He stabbed the mother of two 58 times. In 1989, Price murdered another neighbor, 63-year-old Joan Heaton, and her two daughters. Again, his method of killing was the use of a knife.

When arrested, Heaton showed no remorse for his actions. Instead, he described biting Heaton’s face while stabbing her. He also mimicked the sound of the girls as they were dying. Price is serving a 29-year sentence. However, because of various sentences, it is said that he will not be released until at least 2020.

Artyom Alexandrovich Anoufriev and Nikita Vakhtangovich Lytkin

Artyom Anoufriev Teen Serial Killers

In the Russian neighborhood of Akademgorodok in Irkutsk, two teens killed six locals and attacked nine others. At the time of the first murder in 2010, Artyom Alexandrovich Anoufriev was 18 and Nikita Vakhtangovich Lytkin was 17. Their first victim was 12-year-old Danil Semyonov. Just 15 days later, the teens killed 69-year-old Olga Pirog.

The four other victims included Alexander Maximov, Roman Faizullin, a homeless man, and a homeless woman. The two teens went as far as to record one of the attacks, which was later found on an SD card belonging to Nikita’s uncle. The teens carried out the murders by viciously attacking their victims from behind using a mallet and knife.


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Images taken from, Alchetron, Dirkdeklein, CVLT, NYDaily News, and Murderpedia.

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