Ed Gein - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre True Story

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre True Story

The real-life model for terrifying horror movie psychos like Leatherface, Buffalo Bill, and Norman Bates was a man named Ed Gein, whose actual exploits were even more shocking than the movie plots they inspired. Who was this man and what did he do that made so many filmmakers fictionalize his story over the years? Read on, if you dare…


texas chainsaw massacre real story - Ed Gein

Edward Theodore Gein was born in a small Wisconsin farming community in the early 1900s, and is one of the most notorious serial killers from Wisconsin. Gein’s mother Augusta was a controlling, domineering, and deeply religious woman who isolated Ed and taught him that women were evil. The two lived alone after the deaths of Ed’s father and brother. After her death, Ed began to act on his morbid fascination with the female body.


texas chainsaw massacre story

He studied anatomy texts and accounts of the terrible experiments performed by the Nazis in concentration camps. He then moved on to grave robbing…digging up recently buried female corpses from nearby cemeteries. He chose the bodies of women who were roughly the age of his mother at the time of her death. He dissected the bodies, keeping the sexual organs and making “suits” out of the skins (the inspiration for Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs).


the texas chainsaw massacre real story of ed gein

At some point he moved on from grave robbing to murder, choosing middle aged women similar to his mother as his victims. The reclusive Gein’s presence in town was connected to the disappearance of one local woman, and when authorities went to his isolated farmhouse, they discovered a true house of horrors. The farmhouse was filled with Ed’s ghastly souvenirs. Here are some Ed Gein crime scene photos of his house.


Ed Gein and the chainsaw massacre real story

Among the discoveries: a decapitated and gutted female body hung upside down in the kitchen (the most recent victim); bowls made out of skulls; lampshades, chair upholstery, and a wastebasket made from human skin; nine skinned faces of women hanging on the bedroom wall; a belt made of nipples; skulls on the bed posts; leggings and a corset made from skin; and a box full of female private parts. This is only a partial list.


texas chainsaw massacre story - human flesh

The remains of at least 15 female bodies were found at the house. Gein told authorities he enjoyed dressing in the female skins and masks and pretending he was his mother. He spent 10 years in a mental hospital until he was declared fit to stand trial. He was found guilty of murder…and also criminally insane. He spent the rest of his life in two different mental institutions, dying at the age of 77 in 1984.

If you want to read more about Ed Gein I HIGHLY recommend Deviant: The Shocking True Story Of Ed Gein (The Original Leatherface). The book details Ed's infamous 'murder house' and will captivate you from the moment you start reading. I literally read the entire book in one sitting.

is the texas chainsaw massacre a true story

Gein’s disturbing legacy lives on in famous movies like Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Silence of the Lambs, as well as Deranged, Three on a Meathook, Motel Hell, Maniac, Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield, and Ed and His Dead Mother (a dark comedy with Steve Buscemi).

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Jeannine Ferry

Hopefully people will start to realize that killers, criminals, drug users & prostitutes were seriously abused/neglected during their formative years by at least 1 sociopathic/narcissistic parent or caregiver. These types of people are not born that way, they’re MADE that way no matter what so called ignorant experts may claim.


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I honestly love this case although it has a lot of Gore I think that it is one of the most awe-striking but it is very messed up and twisted and IDK why the movie is called the “chainsaw massacre” when a chainsaw wasn’t involved.

Paul logsdon

I don’t quite understand. But I’m understanding another side of the story. I like real events and knowing true history, of people, places and thing’s.


Gein was not a serial killer. By definition a serial killer is convicted of killing three or more people in different places and at different times with “cooling off periods.” It is a clearly defined label to which there is not enough evidence to conclude he killed more than two people. He got close, but he was stopped before he could officially be labeled a “serial killer.”

Reinhardt J lilley

I worked in a psych setting with Ed’s former nurse. She told me one day Ed seemed distraught so she asked what was going on. Ed replied I’m afraid I won’t go to heaven, her reply was it because what you did to those people? He stared no. It because what I did to my Brother. Keep in mind he was not tried or officially accused of his brothers death that I know of officially .


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) had a scene deleted, you know the bit when Sally is tied up and the Hitchhiker is trying to hit Sally over the head with his hammer, originally Grandpa gets his old knob out and starts jerking in Sally’s contorted face. But it was cut ?


He only killed three people his first one was his brother then the woman in the hardware store and the owner of the bar it’s what he did with the bodys is what is unthinkable .


I was one comment that said God is a killer will that is true and as well the Devil. Good and Evil are always at war God has to sacrifice people time to time but the Devil well he just kills. But the comment about the Nazi Death Camp yea that was not by God but it was planed it was indemnity


People seem to forget that he was insane. he probably had no control over his actions. ok, there is a nature over nurture debate here, was his mother the blame for his insanity? or was he already insane to start with? Ok, the fact that he killed a few people and kept some body parts in his home was / is a bad thing… however, he was insane after all, those actions to him, are perfectly normal.

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Jeannie Dalton

As disturbing as ed geins was and others that followed him…. his story And others like it fascinate me.

Doris Slider

He didnt kill his Mother !!!!

Connor weston

There is a such thing as god it is that we humans choose to do bad


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Daniel John Angeletti

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For his crimes death penalty would have been appropriate punishment but still too humane for the monster he was.


He need deserves to be put in the worlds worst pain

Julz B

You have to wonder what goes on inside the depraved individual’s mind, during and before and after committing these unspeakable acts of horror. He could have actually done himself and the world a favor and just wasted his psychotic mother instead and left it at that!

Hubert wagner

I believe people like. Him will get what god has plaind for them


I believe that in his next life he will be the victim so he really learns what its like.


It was quality work. He had a good system throughout his killings. I believe he kept too many souvenirs. You do not need to keep the objects, or the full corpses. Just remember the screams, and the look of agony they were in before you killed them. The criminally insane are amazing individuals to study.


Ed Gein is a poster child for birth control !! Some people are not meant to be parents…thanks for being such a great role model Mom !!! … You’re son Ed.


Crazy man ,sick and wicked it’s awesome


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So they just lock him up in jail or a looney hospital for the rest of his life? Wheres the justice for those he kill and the pain he cause to the families. He should have been torture the same way like those he murder, in front of the victims families. If that was my wife, mother, sister, daughter that got murder, l want to be the one to butcher him and get my justice, l want to see him suffer as much as those he murder before l slowing butcher him to death. An eye for an eye is justice, not leaving him in jail and still live a full life with no worries.


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Alesha Foreka

It’s pretty cool I love learning about stuff like this and I’m actually in Texas right now🤟🏽

Paul Hackmann

I never understood why they said that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was based on a true story or true event’s because Ed Gein wasn’t from Texas and he never even used a dam Chainsaw in any murder that he committed!!!!! HEd Gein never belonged in prison and to be honest neither did 95% of the famous serial killers because it’s obvious that they are mentally unstable and people like that belong in a Mental Hospital plane and simple!!!!!


This is very shocking and fascinating at the same time. It’s taboo creepy scary stuff but damn! I think his mom didn’t give him enough love and that made him long to be love by his mom that’s why he’s attracted to female that remind him of his mom. It’s sad but still this is fucked up and dark. I live in Wisconsin my whole life. I can’t believe creepy shit like this exist in such a small isolated town.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre people have never been found from the FBI or CIA or any body with or with out a bag!! To me honestly I think the FBI and CIA and all the other government agencies that you know you are in on it for a very very long time ago back then where this family came out on tv!!


i am so fascinated by this i am 15 but i love reading about this i want to learn more about it even though im terrified of chainsaws i am just crazy fascinated


As you read this, it seems interesting. Not because it’s cool what he did, because by no means was it cool. It was very cruel & fucked up. But the fact that there are some people out there like this, blows my mind. You never know what people are capable of until your reading it on social media or some shit.

stephani smith

This was actually pretty gross but it’s kind of interesting because people in this world are capable of doing many crazy things like this.

Ashley Busby

This man needs Jesus.


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That’s a sick man he should have been killed the second they caught him instead of going to jail


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Michael kane

Philadelphia had Gary heidnick
Crazy ass world we live in. I always thought the original Texas chainsaw massacre was based on a true story.ed gein should dress up as a clown for children’s parties. If he was still alive.


Thats just messed up


I thought this whole time it was in Texas.damn that’s an upset.


Sick sob is a understatement!!!!!

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