Aileen Wuornos Child

Aileen Wuornos, one of America's most notorious female serial killers, left a dark legacy of violence and murder in her wake.

However, amidst the chilling accounts of her crimes, a little-known aspect of her life remains shrouded in mystery: her son.

Wuornos gave birth to a child under harrowing circumstances, and the ensuing closed adoption has concealed the child's identity and whereabouts from the public eye.

This article delves into the untold story of Aileen Wuornos' son, examining the tragic circumstances surrounding his birth, the challenges he faced growing up in a troubled family, and the enduring enigma of his life today.

Despite the horrors of his mother's crimes, her son's journey remains a haunting and unresolved chapter in the annals of true crime.

What Happened to Aileen Wuornos's Son?

As one of the most prolific female serial killers in history, the tragic and violent story of Aileen Wuornos is one with which most true crime fans are familiar. The case of Aileen Wuornos is especially interesting because her early life planted the seeds that turned her violent.

A little-known fact about Wuornos is that she gave birth to a son at the age of 14 after a violent attack at the hands of a family friend. She gave her baby up for adoption. Since it was a closed adoption, not much is known about what happened to Aileen Wuornos child.

Planting the Seeds of Violence

Few serial killers succeed in instilling a feeling of sympathy the way the story of Aileen Wuornos is capable of doing. From the time she was born, her life was one filled with pain and abuse at the hands of those who should've protected her the most.

Born February 29, 1956, in Rochester, Michigan, Aileen Wuornos was brought into a world of tumultuous violence and instability. Her mother, Diane Wuornos married her father, Leo Pittman at the young age of 14.

aileen wuornos son

Photo by: Jasmine Hirst

Two years later, after giving birth to a son and two months before Aileen came into the world, Diane filed for divorce and fled from Leo and his violent tendencies.

Aileen never met her father as he was serving time for sex crimes against children when she was born. He was diagnosed as schizophrenic. In 1969, Leo Pittman hanged himself in his prison cell.

Quick note: If you want to learn more about Aileen Wuornos's life and criminal trial, you absolutely need to read this autobiography about Aileen. I could not stop reading this book once I started. Seriously. Ok, back to the article.

Having a rough upbringing doesn't necessarily mean one is destined to become a serial killer. Many people come from hard childhoods and go on to become successful, happy people.

However, with the right combination of abuse and mental illness, bad things can grow. If there ever was a story where the listener can see the seeds of a violent future being planted, the story of Aileen Wuornos is it.

Raising a Serial Killer

When Aileen was only 4 years old, her mother, Diane, abandoned her young son and daughter with her parents. She was done with parenting. Diane’s parents eventually legally adopted Aileen and her brother, Keith. According to Aileen, her grandfather was a horribly abusive man.

Aileen says he beat her after forcing her to remove her clothes. She claims her grandfather would also subject her to brutal sexual assaults at a very young age. By the time Aileen was 11 years old, she was trading sexual acts for food, cigarettes, and drugs.

A friend of Aileen Wuornos's alcoholic grandfather raped her when she was only 14 years old. She became pregnant and was sent to live at a home for unwed mothers, as was a common solution for teen pregnancy at that time.

On March 23, 1971, she gave birth to a baby boy. That little boy was placed for adoption. Little else is known of what became of Aileen Wuornos son.

Aileen Wuornos Son

Aileen Wuornos Learns to Support Herself

After giving birth to her son, Aileen quit school. Her grandmother passed away from liver failure. Wuornos’s grandfather kicked her out of her home. At 15 years old, Aileen embraced the idea of using her body to support herself. She became a prostitute. She lived for a long period of time in the woods near Rochester, Michigan.

Aileen hitchhiked to Florida in 1976. She married a much older man, a yacht club president named Lewis Fell. Their wedded bliss didn't last, however. The marriage was annulled after 9 weeks with Fell claiming abuse and obtaining a restraining order against Aileen.

Aileen Wuornos bounced around between Michigan and Florida, committing a variety of lower-level crimes, including armed robbery, car theft, and passing forged checks. She spent time in and out of jail, never settling in one place for very long. At least not until she met the love of her life.

She Found Love

Aileen Wuornos met Tyria Moore, Ty for short, at a biker bar in 1986 while in Florida. The two quickly became a couple. Ty knew Aileen was a prostitute and is quoted saying she didn't approve, although Aileen supported both Ty and herself with the money she made.

It is reported that Ty knew of at least one of Aileen’s murders. Even though Ty was instrumental in the investigation and arrest of Wuornos, Aileen claimed Ty was the love of her life while she was awaiting her death sentence.

Forced to Kill?

Aileen committed the first of her string of murders in November of 1989. The man she killed, Richard Mallory, was a convicted sex offender. Aileen Wuornos says he attacked and raped her, leaving her no option but to protect herself.

She shot him with her favorite 22-caliber pistol. Two days after he passed away, a deputy sheriff discovered his car. His body was located in the woods nearby.

Aileen Wuornos killed six more men. Men picked her up, thinking she was merely a sex worker. The murder of Richard Mallory is the only murder out of the seven committed between 1989 and 1990 that Aileen ever faced a trial for. She entered a plea of no contest for the remaining killings. It was enough to get her sentenced to death in 1992.

After spending a few years on death row at the Florida State Prison, Aileen was put to death on October 9, 2002. Her last words were, "I'd just like to say I'm sailing with the rock, and I'll be back like Independence Day with Jesus on June 6. Like the movie, big mother ship and all, I'll be back.”

Aileen Wuornos Teen Mother

Whether Aileen was a victim of circumstance and mental illness or just a twisted serial killer is up to each person to decide. The one truly good thing she did in her life was give her son up for adoption and make that adoption a closed one. A closed adoption requires the interest of both the child and the mother to be opened.

Since Aileen is gone, her child will, hopefully, never know he came from the womb of one of the most dangerous women who ever lived. By giving him up for a closed adoption, Aileen was able to protect her son from the chaos she endured.

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We know that Aileen Wuornos is forever cemented in history as a rare female serial killer. But what happened to her child? We know he was conceived through a violent rape at the hands of her grandfather’s friend.

Aileen was only 14. She struggled to care for herself and couldn't take care of her son. She made the wisest decision by choosing to let another family adopt him.

Hopefully, the family that adopted Aileen Wuornos child never let him know who he came from.

We can hope Aileen Wuornos son lives a happy, healthy life because of one of the good decisions she made during her tragic life.

By choosing adoption for her son, she put a stop to the cycle of violence that turned her into the monster she became.

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I think it’s wrong how the court system treated her. Put her to death was not the solution. She was put through a horrible horrible childhood. Not condoning what she did but her victims weren’t all innocent either. The first one raped and beat her and she had to protect herself. The others did something that triggered her. But you got to understand though too one of her victims was an officer. How is she supposed to expect the police to protect her when a cop is getting her with the prostitution act. How is she not to know that he wouldn’t use that against her or her too and uses authority against her? We should have used her to learn off of her not put her to death. I come from abusive household too though I didn’t murder. But not going to say I never came across my mind either. But to have such horrible abuse at such a young age and knowing there to protect her, you honestly can’t blame her for how she came out. But we could have helped if possibly tried to make her a better person and learn off of her behaviors to better help the next person who comes from a life like that that we could possibly stop from becoming her or
worse. And her son deserves to know where he came from and his background. Mental illness does run in families and that something he should be aware of in case he does get that genetic heritage.

Patric Johansson

Aileen Wuornos was a victim from the beginning. So tragical. The society never gave her a chance to a real life. And the same society killed her, when she instead needed and deserved rehabilisation.
And to declare to the religious pharisees: no woman has the obligue to be enforced a pregnancy. Every human being has the right to come loved and wanted to this world.
Children shall not give birth to children, PERIOD. So of course abortion had been the only right in her case!


I’d like to point out to everyone who has commented against any sympathy for Aileen, there’s a few things that aren’t seemingly being considered by these comments. 1. She had a terrible upbringing and yes, other people have been through just as bad upbringings and don’t become killers BUT 2. We each develop differently based on different factors at different times of and stages in our lives And 3. If you have no one at a young age planting the seed of “goodness” in your head and no one, literally no one who seems to have your best interest or set a positive example, chances are high that this result or something similar would be the outcome. I personally believe, if there had been some kind of intervention at a young age or even later in life, things could have and probably would have turned out differently and none of what happened in the end, would have ended up happening. That’s what I strongly believe. May her broken heart and burdened soul Rest In Peace.


Aileen had a tragic life and I think the cruel comment of the writer of this article saying that they hope Aileens son never knows about who his biological mother is was uncalled for…firstly, she did what was right to give him the greatest chance in being his best person and second everyone adopted deserves the right to choose if they want to know their parentage, no one has a right to withhold this from him! No reason is good enough to take or amend his rights!


Her story makes me so sad. People can’t judge if they haven’t been severely abused since childhood. It leaves an imprint that is so deep, it is hard or impossible to overcome and it alters our thinking, behavior and whole thought process. Yes, some abused individuals do become productive adults, but people are different in their coping mechanisms and how their brain works. I also wish she would have had a caring adult to protect, guide and show her unconditional love. Every child deserves this, and it helps to set up a child for positive things and to help them make good decisions later in life. She was abused in every aspect of her life from little on, by friends, family and strangers. No wonder she became what she did, a killing machine. God Bless her and all the abused. May she rest in peace and may her choices not be accepted but understood. This world could sure use a lot more compassion.

Lori Beckman

RIP in Peace Aileen.
This is a heartbreaker.
I can’t stop crying.


She definitely had a bad terrible start. And donot discredit what she went through. I know someone who went through something similar. RIP. At the same time I don’t believe in situations like this that God will not give a person with that ability to make a choice or choices the opportunity to make good ones inspite of what she went through. To do good I believe if there’s a will or desire there’s a way. It might be a uphill battle and it might have a lot of obstacles. But I believe if a person wants something good bad enough it can happen.

Tamra Roberts

I am kind of shocked that she was given the death penalty after turning herself in and confessing. Also, because she was mentally unwell, suffering from ptsd and Schizophrenia, and under the influence of alcohol during the murders. I don’t think she should have been allowed to fire her defense team. Too bad she came from a crappy family and had no support system. Probably could have prevented the whole thing if she had. Definitely not giving her excuses, because I came from a very violent and sexually abusive childhood, as well. I also married into domestic violence at six-teen. I suffer from depression and PTSD. Yet, I have not murdered anyone. But this lady was definitely unwell. She had untreated mental illness and you would think they would have taken that into huge consideration when laying down her sentence. Even though I feel sympathy for her due to childhood trauma, I feel so badly for her victims, too. In her mind, she might have seen them as threats, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they were. They also had families who endured a lot of pain when she took their lives. It’s just so sad and possibly could have been prevented if only she had been cared for properly or if someone who cared, had recognized Aileens’s mental health issues and taken action. Just my thoughts. I don’t expect everyone to agree. Peace and love to all.


My heart goes out to Ms. Wournos. Her life story is very heartbreaking. She was dead before she was born. It was a good thing that her unfit mom and dad left her. It would have been even better, if her pedophile grandpa had left her also, and took his rapist friend with him. None of them were any good. I’m just so sorry that there was no one, of good character to help her. All she ever wanted was to be loved. I really wish that I could have been there for her. I really have little to no empathy or sympathy for her rapist. In my opinion, all rapist should be castrated since they don’t know when or whom to use it with. I think castration would be an excellent reminder. In spite of her painful upbringing, I could still see love in her eyes. My prayer is that she’s now in the loving arms of Jesus. RIP baby girl!

Saki Sanobashi

@Raquel Madtin. So, in your opinion that poor child (now man) should be aware that:
-His biological mother was not only a street hooker, but also a death row serial killer, who also had an incestuous relationship with her brother, his biological uncle.
-This biological uncle died because of a (deserved?) cancer, which can be hereditary.
-His biological father is (or was, I hope) a rapist and a paedophile.
-His biological grandfather was a pedo too, and had schizophrenia which can be hereditary too.
-His biological great-grandfather was another pedo rapist, and a violent alcohol addict.
-His biological great-grandmother was an alcohol addict too.
-His biological grandmother got married and had children at 14, and then ditched them to her messed up parents.
-Nothing is known about his biological paternal relatives, but they’re probably screwed too.
Wow, what a wonderful person you are, a wonderful potential mother! facepalm
I hope he is well adjusted, but also hope he didn’t breed: that gene pool is a calamity.


Aileen lived a very screwed life and was doomed from the start. That is true. However, I feel no sympathy for the consequences she faced. She isn’t the only female to endure such tragic events, nor was she the only person. Men also face these kind traumatic experiences and many other women have too. Many of those in a similar boat as Aileen turned out to be good, functioning members of society who did not resort to slaughtering countless men or women. I am a strong believer in choice and believe that Aileen chose the wrong path, and it ultimately lead to her downfall. Having sympathy for an individual that CHOSE to do these acts, that chose this lifestyle, and chose to become the equivalent of what she hated, is absurd. she doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt, nor do I think her execution was unjust. She mad her choice, she faced the consequences of her choice. Simple.


It’s not hard to feel sorry for Aileen, and comparing her to male serial killers is doing a disservice to her. Simply look at her brother. He was just as “bad” as she was: promiscuous, boozer, smoker, abandoned and abused from a very young age. Yet he found a place to stay, he found more support than she did. Why? Because he was male. It sounds cliché, but look at the era and place she was born in. She never stood a chance, EVER, because she was female. Add to all of it that she was mentally ill and not really aware of what she was doing, something most male serial killers have been ruled not to be, and she had no way of getting treatment and that the only person she ever loved manipulated her… Of course people feel sorry for her. She really truly had no options.


I can’t believe y’all. Wtf? If it were a dude y’all would of hoped for him to rot right in hell or in the cell. I just can’t. I didn’t go through an amazing childhood and just throughout life, but I’m not out here killing people. SMH.


Sad that Wuornos was a product of a violent & corrupt family. Yes… despite some who experienced similar circumstances in their youth growing up never ended up as violent as Wuornos they secretly carry the scars…it’s simple fact of life.
But then…everyone is different!
Perhaps if someone or society cared enough when she was younger & showed her affection & convinced her life could be wonderful & rewarding her destiny would have been less violent…less dramatic.

Mr Corblob

Wow! What a lot of messages! Hello, world! Aileen was a product of the worst aspects of society. What a tragic life she lived. If ever there was a story that should serve as motivation for improving society, it is her life.

Raquel Madtin

In Loving Memory of Aileen . 18 years ago today she was put to death.
I give her credit, after all the violence she went through, she still had a heart and believed in 💘 love. She also took the rap for everything even though her punk girlfriend set her up.
My respects to Aileen.
Oh, as for her son? Wtf!! I hope he does know he is her son!!!! She was a good person and he should be proud of his mommy who was a kid herself at 14 making grown up decisions. Not an easy life so do not insult this lady by saying it’s good that the adoption was closed. Screw CPS !!!!!


She never had a chance for a normal life…

Angi Brown

This lady was tortured all her life … We should have never took her life if anything she needed to be put in a not so right special ward … What we did is awful she was not ok and did not understand what we were doing to her….oh and this girlfriend she had seriously needs in a special place too yes I’m sorry you knew what she was doing and in my eyes your worse than her … You were not beat , raped, or whatever no you just enjoyed the money and all she gave you and then turned on her … That’s wrong no matter how she lived you to me are the worst of them all to be with someone as long as you was knowing exactly what she was doing then only turn on her when they turned on you … Yea I’m sorry but you just as guilty in my eyes .. She thought she had a reason for what she was doing taking care of you for one and taking out rapist or child molesters in her mind … But you were just there having fun and enjoying the stolen goods so really who was the crazy person ? Sorry I don’t agree with how this lady handled things but this lady friend who turned her over is just as nasty and I hope she lives with nothing but hate from people forever.. You also should be convicted if you had went to police the first time all the others would still be here…But no you wanted to play and have money and she provided for you didn’t she ….Sad Sad … Yea this poor lady goes out as a serial killer yet her lover is free and she knew from start.. Our justice system is a joke yea you got the killer but not the one who pushed it to happen…. The mastermind the one who had control all along… Oh I’m sure she’s innocent she wanted her to stop bull crap she pushed her not such words like kill for me but she knew what she was doing …. I have no symphony for her and hope she has a miserable life….

Anna Marie

I can’t think of any human being who has suffered, sustained and constantly, on this earth, including at the hands of her jailers and “so-called” friends, than Aileen. Praise God Almighty, God of Abraham, Jacob and Moses, she read the Bible 4 times in her lifetime. I wonder how many Christians have read it through even once? I know the Lord has dealt with and is still dealing with the beasts that have hurt her in her life. Anyway, I have never felt more sure of the salvation of someone I have never met, than Aileen’s. God rest her soul.


she got the death penalty because she killed old white men. Do you think she would have gotten the same if she had old white women?? It’s a man’s world and that’s a big part of how she ended up the way she did. Also her family was disgusting.


Aileen never stood a chance. Her grandfather and friends? What was wrong wih her mother? Her daddy set the pace and Aileen never knowing anything better, never stood a chance.
Genetics can carry a long way. Poor thing was likely the result of mentally damaged adults that should have been contained so they could not create another unfit parent.
It is a shame Ailene had to live all of those years taking one hit after another. Anyone would snap after childhood stolen and adult life feuled by depravity. Im amazed she gave up on suicide decades before her death for killing a sexual predator.

Another Joe

The reporter was ruthless and continued attacking her even when waiting on death row. Give the woman a break, and she calls herself a reporter, what a joke.

I rarely feel sorry for a murderer, but wow, she really really went through the ringer and back, May Lord have mercy on her, which I know he will.

A child and then woman tossed around like a ragged doll.

Heather Wright

Ignorant comments. I hope you’re too young to know better. The only thing I have to say about Aileen is that she totally was mentally disabled. No one in the entirety of all existence knows why she did what she did. She probably didn’t know why.


I’ve seen the movie and read books about her. It’s to bad when her Mother left that she wasn’t adopted by a loving family. Apparently her family had alot of mental disorders. Her Grandfather should have gone to prison. What she did was very wrong but I blame it on her upbringing. If you live in such chaos and abuse then that’s all you know to survive. I still feel very sorry for her victims families. Only God can judge.

Jimmy Morris

I am aileen wuornos son RIP momma


If ever the phrase “Born to die” was appropriate it’s in this case. From the time she was born to the parents she was stuck with, she had very little if any chance to ‘live’ a normal life. “When life hands you lemons make lemonade” But even the lemons she got were rotten. Imo she should have been treated not killed. And what kind of person kills people for a living? Aren’t they also serial killers?


If I had a time machine I would go back to the gay bar where alieen was onseconds before she walked in and made sure she didn’t met Ty ,and maybe if I had got to know her would have treated her right all she wanted was to be loved and respected I don’t think she would have killed if she had the right help. But unfortunately the love she found had her killed RIP

Sarah C

People are blaming her mother but do you ever imagine what the mother’s childhood was like? I’ll go ahead and blame the selfish men in their lives.


As everyone’s saying, this woman never had a chance. She was badly abused by many almost from birth, and the very people who should’ve protected her were the worst ones. Just pray she’s in Heaven now.

Someone Knew

Lots of people have terrible childhoods. My sister was 12 when she got pregnant by our stepfather. She gave birth at 13. She ended up taking her daughter and running away from home after years of being sexually, physically and emotionally abused. All.of us girls grew up being sexually, physically and emotionally abused by our stepfather. It took 30 plus years to get justice and he was sentenced to 3 life sentences for the abuse he inflicted upon on by the state of Florida. None of us turned to a life of crime from what he put us through. All of us chose careers in public service. So I have a hard time believing that someone’s childhood led them to become a criminal. We instead chose to break the cycle and raise our families to be good, honest and caring people. ALL 4of us suffer from PTSD. I am the baby at now 52 years old. Aileen could have chosen a different path. She chose not to, I believe the murders she committed were completely on her shoulders and the parents and grandparents shouldn’t have the blame for her actions placed solely on their shoulders. Criminals have to accept responsibility for their actions. Her parents and grandparents didn’t put the gun in her hands.
I doubt my non sympathetic opinion will get posted.


I truly Believe that Aileen Turned out the Way She Did , Was Because Of Her MOTHER ! I Honestly Don’t know How Her Mother Could Live With Herself , How In The World Can A MOTHER , if that’s what you want yo call her Turn Her Back On her Daughter ? I too Gave Birth To my Daughter At A Young Age , And I would Have Never Turned My Back on my Daughter the Way Aileen’s Mother did her ! I can only Hope There is a Place in Hell for Aileens Mother !

Tracy Allen

I’ve watched n read everything n I mean EVERYTHING about Aileen n she never ever had Love until she met the B**** that got her killed!!! If that Ty piece of S*** really loved her, she never would of given her up OR stopped going 2 see her…What I dont understand is Mental Illness has been around 4 a long time. Ur telling me those so called Drs that kept giving her those Exams n Stupid Questionnaires, cause that’s pretty much what they r really, DIDNT SEE SHE WAS UNFIT 2 STAND TRIAL?? The Justice System only sees what it wants 2 see…those jurors should of NEVER convicted her 2 Death…But hey, what the Hell…Just another person who Died 4 the wrong reason…

Joana Isabel

I saw the film about her ….But when I read about her childhood I thought she had no chance in her life…neither love…she did not deserve to be executed…as she was mentaly sick…she needed medical care…


Aileen never had a chance. She was the product of the worst of our society, and when she became the burden to society they killed her. Yes, she did horrible things, but to sentence her to death? Unless you’ve committed a crime against someone who is elderly, mentally disabled or a child is the death penalty warranted? Ok even saying yes, we don’t use the death penalty enough, take this case alone. Take her personal history itself, how could she have not been considered to have mental illnesses that contributed to her crimes and the death penalty NOT the answer. Yes, put her in prison, but kill her? I don’t understand our society sometimes. We think we are so progressive, yet we still can’t see how we nurture the atmosphere that creates the disfunction.

Lashay Lashay

I agree she was dead before she knew how to really live.

Kimberly Grammer

Well this women had no chance. I also think she had mental issues. I believe in death penalty for certain 100% cases like evil crimes against children. And also people that don’t have clearly never lost a person/ child to an evil murderous person that’s rapes. God says eye for an eye. And this stupid comment above where u put abortion as being taken wow! Have fun when you meet God. Unborn children had no choice in bring born. That’s murder. U believe in no death penalty but think killing babies is ok. Ridiculous!

Eclectic Star

I’m sorry for Aileen Wuornos and the life she had, it’s all a tragedy. I hope she’s resting in peace, she never knew any peace in her short life. The Green River Killer killed 70-80 people and he wasn’t put to death. Aileen had no chance and she had no one. Even her own brother testified against her, put the nail on the coffin himself. Her story is heartbreaking and extremely sad.

Maria Kellett

This goes to show this is a man’s world. Ultimately they felt they should spare her life because why? Because she murdered scumbag husbands who were out cruising alleys looking for sex with younger girls or maybe the exemplary “gentleman” whom was a convicted rapist. None the less she was punished because are her victims were men and surely her judge being biased felt she did not deserve to be spared. It’s not a wonder more woman have not become the Eileen wornous of the world.

Catherine Rathmore

Aileen never lived. She was dead long before she died. Then they killed her all over again. Her victims are tragic casualties of the Hell that was her existence. She never had a chance.

Deanna Kraus

I think that judge was a crappie person sentencing her to death when these scumbag men were attempting to harm her so I guess you felt she didn’t need to defend herself. But the sick freak Manson was able to live and not sentenced to death the system sucks especially with judges like you

Mag King

If Wuornus WAS a monster, then men were her creators. And she was put to death because a homicidal whore scared the bejeezus outta all those fat white men in law enforcement, the courthouse and the Governor’s admin….most of whom probably have some bit of experience with buying female flesh, whether it be call girl, a stripper or a $2 BJ from a old worn out hooker. Their genitals shriveled in horror at the prospect of a “whore” fighting back.

I’m surprised more sex workers aren’t violent or homicidal. Aileen spent her entire life being used, abused, betrayed, raped and brutalized by WHO? MEN!

A life sentence would’ve been the right sentence. But men said again “she can’t exist, she’s a danger to the status quo, she fought back”. How many prostitutes died before Ridgeway was caught? Samuel Little killed even more, cuz he killed poor black women. 100s of 1000s of rape kits sit untested cuz cops say most rape reports are bogus or too hard. 3: women die a day in US by their BF/HUB. They don’t get death penalty, they break protective orders and bail out 2 hrs later. And go kill the “bitch who snitched”.

I’m so tired of men running this sh**show. 2020 is centennial for women right to vote. Exercise yr rights ladies. It’s now or never.


It amazes me to hear someone support the death penalty and listen to idiots that say a person should be put to death and they should rot in hell-wow, suffer on earth and after life—now that is a human that will kill you in second and not to be trusted.
Holy shit, punishment alive and dead— That’s a death penalty supporter for you. What a death penalty supporter is—is/are mean humans with vindictive souls— these souls will not evolve much after this life. One must learn to love, forgive, its not empty words,it is the only lesson to learn in all of our lives. I am certain with 100% certainty—that they will come back as something to learn to love all life—so maybe a death penalty supporter and a juror that has sentenced a life to death— should come back as an abused dog-, then a life as abused elder, then a life as an abused person—like Aileen— then a life as a convicted and put to death with hate from individuals with hate in their souls. Edgar Cayce spoke of reincarnation and in his trances indicated that the reasons for their debilitating life of poor health and luck is payback for an evil soul—they taunted, supported others brutality against another human— and death penalty supporters are evil souls. NO KILLING is the best evolved human- even if they do horrible things to another human— THEY are to go to prison and are to be treated like a human. I loathe the mouth attached to pro death penalty idiots that proclaim life is precious,but want death penalty. Death Penalty support is hillbilly justice and has no place in a world that needs to evolve to higher levels. Death Penalty is supported mostly in the south. Southern hillbilly, low level, non educated idiots that support death penalty and taking a woman’s right to an abortion, so it really is —who is in control and who decides. I will sit in the stands and watch that judgment by GOD. TO idiots that support the death penalty. the convicted, (not necessarily guilty as we know our system convicts on feelings by jurors instead of evidence, which umpteen cases are overturned each year showing the corruption in the judicial system and the lack of any IQ in 98% of attorneys-nearly each attorney is 75 IQ—barely above drooling and shitting in their pants. I care about all life, even the miserable, self proclaimed idiot that says others should be put to death and say they believe in GOD with the same breath-I think that heaven will judge you and your judgments— and thunder will ring to all as we watch those who live with the smugness that they can choose who dies and who doesn’t. Prison is to keep the individual that committed the crime away from society and that is punishment enough. NO DEATH penalty and if you really believe in a heaven and a hell— then judgment is had by higher purpose and your noise that you can choose the death penalty for anyone puts you on the very same block in heaven and hell that has taken a life—I believe every juror that has voted a death penalty will see their own judgment— that i am certain. As we ALL will be judged— and any flicker that you are willing to take another life without saving another life in the transaction makes YOU a murderer- To all those who believe int he death penalty. Forgiveness— you are not the special Christian you claim without the forgiveness for everyone and all—regardless of your opinion of this human. I hope peace for all those on Death row everywhere and peace for the victims sadness and rage and I hope Aileen has peace and you are right hon, no more will it hurt and you owe nothing to anyone for your acts any further. I speculate that her son is no longer alive and was equally tortured, abused as his mother was—I wouldn’t’ trust those unwed homes—they were awful and equally abusive—Aileen needed help and she didn’t get it—we are guilty of not helping HER.


I think the judge should have been shot I was angry when he sentence that poor woman to death. that poor child was never given a chance since birth it sounds. I agree with one writer who said that men mess everything up with their private parts they make me sick to my stomach I’ve been raped twice I have gone through hell since the day I was born before I was even born I was born messed up with mental illness and nothing but a painful childhood in life. I know exactly how she felt. men are a disgrace there’s so many pedophiles in this world could be your father your grandfather wherever you look. it’s so sad and all the pornography, strip joints, ext. I agree with that writer men do rule this world and they have gotten away with murder since beginning of time.if you ask me the scumbags deserved it. Sorry! is a disgrace men need to stop thinking with their private parts stop they’re cheating and start respecting women , and I hope Jesus forgives Eileen Wuoronos. It is not fair when a child doesn’t have a chance from the start. This is the first time I’ve ever wrote about anything or cared enough to write about anything and give my opinion. I would rather have been giving up for adoption or never been born. So sad! RIP Eileen Wuoronos.

Melissa Corcoran

i feel so sad for aileen wuornos. she never had anyone to protect her and raise her and give her love. shes anyones little girl but nobody loved her. poor thing. she just got sick of being raped she was a sexually abused child. she was protecting her inner child when she had enough of rape against her will . she was just trying to survive. she didnt know skills for working she needed love guidance and protection. she is our sister daughter and friend she should have been given a me too status way back when she was alive . she was a abused child and many of us would have turned out the same as her if we had lived in her hell. i will always pray for her soul shes a victim of all the men who raped her and the men who locked her up and men put her to death. this world has nothing good from any man for her. all men mean pain for aileen i feel so sad for her she didnt deserve to die i wish i could buy one of the tshirts here on sale but its sold out. sorry aileen the world owes you a big hug. shes anyone of us .imagine a little girl child all alone no safety of a house or home or parents no love no guidence just men and rape and suffering all her life. poor thing. i really pray God fills her soul with the love she never got here cuz the world ate her up like a ferocious beast. and so did those men every one of them.

The unwanted

I’ve been there!


Back then CPS wasn’t really around. It was the police or nothing and everyone spanked their kids it seemed (sadly) .

I 100% believe she was molested by her grandpa, and I believe her mom was as well. She left home and married a pedophile, at age 14. She didn’t choose a guy like that randomly – she was conditioned for it. And there is no mention of what she went on to do after leaving Aileen and Keith with her parents.

All you have to do is look at the age of Keith when he died – a big indicator of some pretty brutal abuse. Cancer also hit my friend who was molested – she died when she was young. It happens when our cells just cannot protect us anymore so stress contributes. I believe he witnessed the rape/molestation of his sister, and thus … them having sex themselves. it’s beyond sad that man wasn’t even given an obituary (not that I can find). There is no word about his life … as if he never existed other than being her brother. That’s tragic.

I sort of hope her son does discover her one day. Everyone deserves to know where they came from. There is no shame in him – just a tragic family line. It’s said she was forced to give him up, and she probably felt she had no choice. Back then it was up to the parents. I know this but won’t say why in this post.

Our world is so full of pain…the only way to ease it is to forgive people … come what may, and spread love as their legacy.


I could have easily have been her. I was even beaten in my sleep as a young child. My father was a pedophile and my mother a violent abusive whore. I don’t remember how many times I was raped as a teen living on my own. I internalized it and never fought back much. Even now that I am old, I don’t care about heaven. To just cease to have ever existed, silence and no memories would be fine, even preferred. I did go on to have children and protected my children from their (what passed for fathers…) abuse. Now I am old sick and alone. The babies are the only joy I remember. Later, I had little dogs that loved me and I loved them purely too. Then, they all died from old age. Alone now forever. Oh, there are men I should have killed, but didn’t… Not sure why.

Mocha Swirl

Aileen only wanted to be truly loved with no strings attached. A love only a mother & father could give.
God be with you my dear sister, I wish I knew you to just hear you talk & help you with. Through all you had gone through I know our God in Heaven always loved you.
I pray your at peace with him now.
R.I.P you beautiful child of God.❤

Danny Lee Ford

She was mentally ill…I watched many of her interviews! This country needs to start helping the mentally ill instead of letting them live in the streets! and very little help available to them! Thanks Ronald Reagan!

Molly Reece

This woman needed to be remanded to a psychiatric hospital for life, not put to death. If she’d gotten the support and counseling and guidance and medication she needed after all that time, she may finally have blossomed into some semblance of a purposeful woman and still been able to have some sort of life albeit it locked away and under supervision. She killed wicked men, she should not have been sentenced to die for the fact that she was completely mentally unstable. What kills me is that intelligent criminals are using the “insanity” defense so frequently and yet this woman who CLEARLY had a terribly inept lawyer and was failed YET AGAIN, should have used this defense but was not advised to do so. Absolutely heartbreaking.

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