What Were the Best Horror Movies of 2016?


The start of a new year is always a time to look back on last year’s best books, movies, and TV shows.  The critics and fans have weighed in on what they think are the best horror movies of 2016.  There are bound to be some arguments and disagreements, of course, and we all have our own personal list of favorites.  Here are some of the horror films singled out by many people as among the best of the year.  What were your favorites?



With a classic horror plot—a young deaf-mute female writer who lives in an isolated house bravely battles a creepy masked man out to get her—Hush is a stylish thriller that has made many critic and fan 10 best lists.



A surreal and shocking Turkish horror movie called Baskin got a lot of attention in 2016.  A group of police officers find themselves in a gruesome, nightmarish world that just might be Hell.


The Eyes of My Mother

A disturbing and graphic horror film with lots of hard to watch gore (good thing it’s in arty black & white), this movie follows a girl named Francesca whose past traumas turn her into quite a torturer and killer.


Don’t Breathe

The tables are turned on a group of thieves who think robbing a wealthy blind man will be easy.  They get way more than they bargained for as the blind man (not to mention his dog) turns out to be more of a dangerous adversary than a helpless victim.


The Witch

No 10 best list seems to be without this notable film, singled out by many critics as not just a great horror movie, but a great movie period.  A creepy supernatural thriller set in Puritan times, The Witch features some genuinely powerful witches and one very evil goat.


10 Cloverfield Lane

John Goodman stars in this sci-fi thriller about a woman who finds herself in an underground bunker, told by its residents that they are survivors of an alien attack that has contaminated the earth.  Is she the victim of an abduction or was the planet really taken over by aliens?


They Look Like People

Not as well-known as some of the mainstream horror movies, this independent psychological thriller has made several best lists.  A troubled man prepares for the apocalypse when he becomes convinced that demons will arrive and possess the people around him.




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Hush was one of the best horror films I have seen in a long time. It was surprisingly gripping and well written. Great post!

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