8 Great Books for Horror Fans


If you’re a fan of horror movies and TV shows, chances are you also like a good scare in your reading material, too.  What horror fiction should you add to your “To Read” list?  Here’s a list of some of the most highly-rated and popular horror books to check out (not including Stephen King, because that would be too easy) for anyone with a taste for the twisted. 


Animosity, James Newman

A horror writer discovers the body of a murdered child in his suburban neighborhood.  Although he’s cleared by the police, his suspicious neighbors assume he’s the killer and set out to make his life miserable.


Dark Matter, Michelle Paver

An expedition to the Arctic in the 1930s turns terrifying for a young British man named Jack, who ends up stranded with the huskies as winter descends…but is he really all alone out there?


Heart Shaped Box, Joe Hill

An aging rock star with a passion for collecting creepy things buys a “ghost” in an online auction.  A box containing a dead man’s suit…and spirit…arrives at his house to shake things up for him.


The Bleeding Season, Greg F. Gifune

A group of childhood friends suspect that a deceased member of their group just may have been a twisted serial killer.  Could they really never have known that their friend had such a dark and evil nature?


Come Closer, Sara Gran

A Manhattan woman begins to hear creepy scratching and tapping sounds in the walls of her apartment.  When other disturbing things start to happen to her, she realizes that she is experiencing a demonic possession.


Tagged: The Apocalypse, Joseph M. Chiron

In the dystopian future, humans are “tagged” with implanted computer chips by the government.  Oh, and people are also turned into terrifying zombies after undergoing a new “anti-aging” procedure.


The Troop, Nick Cutter

A Boy Scout troop goes into the Canadian wilderness for a fun weekend.  Then a very strange man comes crashing into their camp.  He was infected by parasites in a science experiment gone wrong, and the troop faces the gruesome consequences.


The Beast of Barcroft, Bill Schweigart

A man moves into a seemingly normal suburban town, only to discover that not only does he live next door to the rat-infested house of a hoarder, but then his dog is attacked by a mysterious creature…the “beast” of Barcroft.


Book images via Goodreads.


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