7 Horror Movies to Stream on Netflix Right Now


Looking to catch up on some horror movie watching during the cold days of winter?  Now is the perfect time to check out new films, re-watch old favorites, or watch some classics you may have missed the first time around.  Here are some of the more interesting horror movies released in the last few years that you can stream on Netflix right now.


Under the Shadow

A unique supernatural horror story set in 1980s Tehran, this film tells the story of a little girl who fears evils spirits called “Djinns.”  Her mother begins to realize that these legendary entities might be more than just the product of her daughter’s imagination.


We Are What We Are

The American remake of a Mexican original (which is available on DVD), this film follows a strange family—a domineering father and his two daughters—with a family tradition of cannibalism that they are determined to keep going.


Bad Milo

If you like a little dose of humor to go along with your horror, then Bad Milo is for you.  A seemingly normal guy begins to experience stomach pains when he gets upset.  Turns out a creature living in his intestines is the source of his troubles.


Dark Was the Night

A small rural community begins to experience some strange goings on when people’s pets and other animals start disappearing, and strange hoof prints appear around town.  Could this mysterious creature be the legendary Native American Wendigo?


Last Shift

Abandoned mental institutions aren’t the only frightening places to get stuck in…how about a creepy old police station?  A rookie cop comes face to face with the spirits of an evil cult leader and his followers that haunt the station house.



Here’s a horrifying premise…a woman is raped by a guy who just had sex with a corpse that had a bio-hazard tag on its toe.  She gets sick and thinks she got an STD.  Could it be she contracted something that’s turning her into a walking corpse herself?


We Are Still Here

A couple moves to a new home after their son dies in an accident.  The woman believes the spirit of her son is in the house, so they contact spiritualists to figure out what's happening.  Turns out there’s a whole lot of haunting going on their creepy house.



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