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If you are an armchair detective, you may enjoy stories of true crime. One of its particularly gruesome subcategories is serial killers. If the macabre is your style, you can find some limited edition apparel from our shop.

Some reporters use serial killer interviews to get a glimpse into the twisted minds and lives of these notorious maniacs. Here are five of the creepiest interviews:

1. Ted Bundy Interview

Just hours before he was electrocuted in the electric chair for the rape and murder of nearly 50 women, serial killer Ted Bundy gave an official interview. He had never really spoken out during the ten years that he was incarcerated.

Bundy reminisced about his seemingly normal childhood. He shared that his parents were good Christian people who worked hard and loved their children. The Bundy family attended church each Sunday and were active in their church and community, he said. Bundy said that his parents encouraged him in school and were always supportive.

The only dark spot in his life became his need to kill. Bundy said it was an obsession that was brought on by his addiction to pornography. He said that he read numerous studies and had talked to other killers concerning the correlation between pornography and violence. His voice was steady and he spoke as a well-educated person. His interview shed more light on the reasons why some people get hooked on killing.

2. Jeffrey Dahmer's Interview

Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most notorious serial killers in modern history. Not only did he kill his unsuspecting victims, but he also systematically dismembered them and kept their body parts as grisly mementos. He had also admitted to committing acts of necrophilia and cannibalism. 

This was an interview conducted by Nancy Glass of Inside Edition. Dahmer recollected the time that he led another young gay man to a hotel and drugged him. According to Dahmer, he just wanted to have some kinky sex. Instead, he woke up and the other guy had been beaten to death. This was Dahmer’s first murder.

In his own words, Jeffrey Dahmer told Glass how he was always fascinated with dead things and taking out their entrails. As a disturbed young man, Dahmer said that he became addicted to violent pornography. Pretty soon, the make-believe magazines were not enough. He wanted to experience the killing and dismemberment for real. 

As far as the mummified body parts were concerned, Dahmer told Glass that it was his way of reliving the horrid details and keeping the victims close to him. It was in no way an act of vengeance or anger, explained Dahmer. Not long after the Inside Edition interview, Jeffrey Dahmer was bludgeoned to death by a fellow inmate in prison.

3. Charles Manson Interview

The flowery summer of 1969 ended with a murder spree in the Hollywood area. A self-proclaimed messiah of evil named Charles Manson claimed that these murders would spawn a race war that he called Helter Skelter. After Manson and his murdering clan were finished, several notable people were slain—including the pregnant actress, Sharon Tate, and the coffee heiress, Abagail Folger.

When the Today Show interviewed Manson from San Quentin Prison, Manson had lucid moments mixed with rage and mad confusion. The pivotal question posed to Manson was if he had any remorse for the murders he ordered. As in past interviews, Manson totally laughed it off and said that he could not feel guilty for something he did not do. The only regrets he had, said Manson, was that he did not kill even more people. He thought that would be his contribution to society. This is the most recent interview with serial killer Manson.

Currently, Charles Manson is serving life in prison without hope of parole. He is said to be in poor health and still shows no care or remorse for the horrible killings that were done in his name.

4. David Berkowitz: Son Of Sam Interview

Between 1976-1977, the city of New York was held in fear as a serial killer ran through the streets. Seven people were killed, and six were seriously wounded. Police were baffled by a series of letters sent by someone called “Son of Sam”. The author taunted authorities and glorified the killings. When the smoking gun cleared, a young postal worker named David Berkowitz was arrested and made a confession to the killings.

In early interviews, Berkowitz claimed that a demon named Sam was controlling his mind and that he did not realize what he was doing. Berkowitz was sentenced to life in prison. In more recent interviews, Berkowitz changed his story and said that he had been brainwashed by an evil cult. He said that he just wanted to fit in somewhere and had no intentions of killing anyone. Berkowitz now claims that he did not act alone in the New York murders. He says that he was just an accomplice to a group of murderers. If Berkowitz is telling the truth, there are still a group of people running free who committed murder. If he is lying, it would just be more evidence to indict a sad and twisted mind.


5. John Wayne Gacy Interview

Also known as the Killer Clown, John Wayne Gacy was responsible for the murder of 33 men and boys over the course of a few years. Many of their bodies were buried in Gacy’s own backyard. In a chilling 1994 interview, Gacy had one last chance to plead his case before execution. Gacy was eerily calm as he displayed some of the pictures that he had painted while in prison. He still did not mention any remorse for his hideous crimes. He said that people can find peace within themselves. It was strange that he mentioned his beliefs against corporal punishment and the importance of being involved in the community. When he was asked was he afraid to die, Gacy said that he had peace and no fear. He would later die of a lethal injection in 1994.

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Serial killer interviews remind us of the unspeakable evils that humans can impose on one another. Hearing things in their own words make it even more disturbing. We still do not completely know what makes these misanthropic serial killers tick.

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