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Obsessed with serial killers and looking to up your encyclopedia knowledge of the most notorious murderers who ever lived? If you’re a serial killer enthusiast looking to combine the old school charm of a game of Old Maid with the collectability of baseball cards, well, then you’ve got some specific tastes! And trust us, we’re here for you at Serial Killer Shop.

This awesome (and awesomely horrific) serial killer card game is perfect for murder aficionados. You’ll learn some new facts about iconic killers like Jeffery Dahmer, Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacey and discover some lesser known psychos such as The French Ripper (Jospeh Vacher) in this deck of serial killer cards.

Playing the Notorious Serial Killers Card Game

Notorious Serial Killers Card Game

The Notorious Serial Killers card game, from a German company called Kulturmeister, is the first trump card game featuring serial killers. The deck includes stats on 32 of the world goriest killers. Information listed on the cards includes must-knows for those obsessed with true crime. Each card tells players important and interesting facts such as:

  • The age of the killer’s first murder.
  • How many years the murdered eluded law enforcement.
  • The number of victims each killer accrued and how many victims survived.
  • The date of birth for each murdered.
  • What sign of the zodiac the killer operated under.
  • The killer’s “maniac factor” (a measure of how gruesome the murderer was).
  • A mug shot or photo of the serial killer.
  • The killer’s country of origin.

And a brief summary of additional information including the killer’s biography, a summary of their career as a serial killer and alternate names they’re referred to as by the media.

As an added bonus, these cards each include even more information on the back of each card which is accessible via a QR-code, so you can keep learning about these notorious men even after the game has ended.

This card game is played like a traditional trump card game. Of course, instead of players asking each other if they have the Old Maid, the winner of this game is the one who collects the most killers from their region of note. Whether you win or lose this killer game, you’ll be fascinated by the information on each card. These cards are perfect for anyone curious to know how many killers were Virgos, how many came from the Midwest and Who had the highest kill count and who had the lowest? Or maybe you want to look at photos of the most feared men who ever lived to figure out for yourself just how true the stereotypical image of the killer who “looked like the nice guy next door” really is.

Even if you don’t end up playing a game with these cards, they’ll make an interesting (or, maybe, terrifying!) addition to your coffee table and are sure to spark up a conversation about your killer pastime. In addition to heavy-hitters like The Green River Killer, even the most informed serial killer buff will be able to brush-up their knowledge on more obscure killers like Dennis Nilsen (the Muswell Hill Murderer), Andrei Chikatilo (the Butcher of Rostov) and Peter Sutcliffe (the Yorkshire Killer). So if you’re looking to acquire some new talking points to impress at your next dinner party with friends who are also interested in the lives of the world’s most dangerous men, this is the game for you. It’s also a great present for other enthusiasts! The deck comes wrapped in foil and embedded in a transparent plastic box for easy gift giving.

You can purchase this awesome game on Amazon here.

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These Killers make for a fun and interesting card game. Just use this information to watch out that you don't become some unlisted killer's play thing.

Serial Killer Card Game

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