Ted Bundy Family

No serial killer seems to have been able to capture the American people and the media more than the serial killer Ted Bundy. Smart, gifted and a law student, Bundy used his good looks and charming persona to turn himself into a natural celebrity, even as a killer and sexual predator. Bundy also won over the heart of Carole Anne Boone, with whom he had conceived a child.

ted bundy daughter

Even with the focus of a nation scoping her relationship with Bundy, not much is truly known about Boone or the child she bore with Bundy. In fact, researchers cannot even agree on the spelling of Ms. Boone’s first name – Carol or Carole.

However, many researchers of Bundy’s history know that Boone resided in Washington during the time she had first met Bundy. It is also speculated that Bundy knew Boone before he decided to go off on his spree. Boone was a Department of Enterprise Services worker at the same time that Bundy held a job at that organization in Olympia, Washington. She testified for Bundy’s innocence despite Bundy’s public confession of guilt on over 30 separate murders. She was often called as a character witness during the sentencing portion of Bundy’s trials.

Boone was listed as a witness and testified for Ted Bundy during two trials in Florida in 1980. At the time, Bundy was on trial for the murder of two members of the Chi Omega Sorority of Florida State University, as well as the kidnapping and murder of 12-year old Kimberly Leach.

During Bundy’s trial for Kimberly Leach’s murder and kidnapping, Boone was a witness during the sentencing phase of the trial. During the proceedings, Bundy got up and proposed to Boone. Here's a clip of the proposal:

Boone accepted and Bundy declared that Boone and himself were now officially married under law. In fact, Bundy’s experience as a law student allowed him to figure out that an old Florida statue would allow him to declare marriage in front of a judge, and it would have to be recognized.

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How Was Ted Bundy's Daughter Conceived?

As a result, many of Bundy’s fans during his imprisonment and eventual execution have focused on the “Ted Bundy” daughter. Ted Bundy’s daughter Rose Bundy was born in October 1981 to Boone and Bundy. It is believed that Bundy and Boone conceived the child while Bundy was on death row at the Raiford prison. There are numerous accounts as to how Boone and Bundy managed to conceive, as the prison did not allow conjugal visits at the time of Bundy’s imprisonment.

Ted Bundy's Daughter Now

The most popular theory is that Bundy bribed a prison guard to let him have an unofficial conjugal visit with Boone behind a vending machine or in a prison bathroom.  A prison guard at the prison when Bundy was imprisoned tells a much different story. Boone is believed to have smuggled a contraband condom during an official visit, through which Bundy gave back to her through a kiss with his sperm inside (weird as hell, right?)

It is difficult to speculate whether Bundy actually held romantic feelings for Boone or manipulated her into avoiding prosecution. It is believed that Boone first met Bundy in court when he was on trial for kidnapping, raping and murdering a 12-year old girl. Even if he did not love her, Bundy’s decision to marry Boone seems to hold some weight in the argument that Bundy did love her romantically.

Ted Bundy Daughter

It seems strange that Bundy would want to have a child and consequently start a family after his well-recorded desires to not have one before landing in prison. It is speculated that Bundy had manipulative motives behind his desire to seek out a wife and a child. He wanted to appear to be a normal, functioning human being in the eyes of the public in hopes of gaining sympathy.

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Boone is also believed to have been inspired to marry Bundy, as she believed he was being railroaded for the murders despite confessions and forensic evidence. By gaining sympathy, he had hoped that his planned execution in Florida could be delayed or even removed from consideration.  It is also believed that Bundy expressed to FBI agent Robert Ressler that he had wanted a perfect wife and a perfect family before he decided to go on a massive killing spree.

Separation, Death and Today

After Ted Bundy was put on death watch in 1986, it is believed that it put great stress upon Boone and her baby. She would throw tantrums inside the prison and it would cause great stress to Boone. As a result, Bundy and Boone both decided it would be best for the baby not to be brought to the prison when Carol would visit. As a result, we can conclude that the child’s exposure to Bundy was limited after she reached the age of four or five years old.

It is also unknown whether the claims of Bundy being the father of this child are true. No DNA tests were conducted and Bundy has now been executed, so there is no way of retrieving the results in present-day. It has also been speculated that the child may have come from another man, as a means of Boone attempting to gain Bundy’s attention.

The current whereabouts of Carol Anne Boone and her daughter are unknown. It is widely believed that Boone changed her daughter’s surname in order to avoid the inevitably publicity of being linked to a serial killer who captured the imagination of America for his infamy.

As of 2017, it is believed that Ted Bundy’s daughter would be about 35 years old and likely have children of her own. This fact also means that Bundy would have grandchildren somewhere in the world, and that the grandchildren would likely never know who their grandfather was.

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Ted Bundy Daughter Rosa

*Image of Bundy with wife and daughter taken from Wordpress.

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They found a vial of his blood recently in Lake City Fl so they have his DNA

Someone who knows a bit about Carole's life before she married Ted Bundy

Chuck Daily is WRONG! Carole was first married (long before she met Ted Bundy) to Marge Boone’s (aka Marge Daily) oldest son. Her first child was that of Marge’s son. When Carole divorced Marge’s son, she kept his last name, probably because of the young boy they parented.

Tory Sama

I’m actually sincerely hoping Bundy has grandchildren and great-grandchildren out there somewhere and that they all learn about their roots and history of their infamous granddaddy! Maybe inspire a new phenomenon out there we could gander at in the future. Amen!

Leorge Gamb

Find something more useful to do with your time. This is tragic.


Even though his mother was active and spear normal in the community her reaction at the end was unique makes me wonder If it’s genetic the multiple personalities the evil, If thats the case The DNA continues in his girl and her kids? Now he didn’t just kill the woman he killed the family’s future they don’t have the chance to have babies and grand babies ????

Allison Scarlett

This is all very sad !!! I was young and lived in Fl when he did this ,he was a sad waste of looks ,intelligence and madness pure evil !!! Remember he was very good at manipulating women !!! My Father was not a good father I am nothing like him all I have in common is a last name ! You do not pick your parents but spend your whole life trying to undo what bad one s have done ! I pray for all the victims of Ted Bundy including girlfriends wife ,daughter and his poor Mother imagine her pain !!!


The serial killer Edward Bundy lost all human rights through his unimaginable murders of wonderful women and such girls.
The woman Carol is just as abhorrent, for she knew about his crimes and she possibly became pregnant by him on top of that.
I can only understand his potential daughter Rose, if she has changed her identity by reason of severing the family ties to her father and mother.
My whole sympathy belongs to the members of the families.
Bundy took away all the opportunities for development and joy in life.


whatever cop let them get together belongs in prison for life.


I was young when Ted went on his “first of many killing sprees”. I was sixteen when he escaped and fled to Florida
Personally I belieave it’s all BS. No way did he conceive a child with this lady. It’s true we are sick , sick people to want to know about a sick Son of a bitch . My self included.
The one true thing I know about him, ishe was the biggest coward of all the serial killers . Im telling it like it is the hard truth.
He killed over thirty young women and even a 12 year old child.
When he was put on death watch. He started freaking out begging, and I mean begging for his life. Just like allthose beautiful young women. When they was preparing him for execution He screamed like a little birch as
They stuffed hi ass in cotton. If that wasn’t cowardly enough. Taking him down the hall to old smoky. He begged kicked screamed please
Don’t kill me I can help you find more sick fucks like me. I ask omne question to all. Do any of you lnow the names of all the women he has killed.

Renee Rush

Sure Steve, “The Zodiac Killer”. Mmmhmmm….. Anyhow, yes, you’d be a fool and blind to doubt that little girl in the picture didn’t belong to Bundy! Clearly as one could see she is a spitting image of him. It’s too bad she feels that if she admitted to the public that she was his daughter that it would mean she was somehow like him or something? Why else would she be afraid to come out and say otherwise? Yes I’m aware genetics “sometimes” plays a role on your mental state but this is clearly not the case for everyone. Obviously this girl has grown up to be a good mother and wife. She has no worries. Just because her father was a low life scum bag doesn’t mean she is. She would definitely benefit from coming out. She and her children are the family ties to Bundy, and whether we like it or not people are fascinated by that man and his sick and perverse ways. Most likely because he was highly intelligent, good looking and well liked by his peers growing up. Indeed these are all factors in making a interesting serial killer.

chuck daily

Marge Boone is Carole’s mother. She deceased several years ago in Lacy, Washington.
She was divorced and married Charles W. Daily, Sr. He is deceased.


All of you Americans on this page are no less than Bundy.
All of you sound like a serial killer and a psycho. Sick minded assholes who are so obsessed with a serial killer and his daughter.
Leave her alone and go to a good doctor.
All of you are so fucked in the head.

Julie Byam

I’ve always wondered where Bundy got his money to live on. I mean especially after he left Washington. It takes money to eat etc. Did he shoplift? Rob people? How?

Celeste Aurich

After viewing Ted Bundy’s over & over. After listening to his attorney’s interviews, I believe the justice system took advantage of his mental illness to secure conviction. I am truly sorry for the suffering of the victims & their families. But lets be honest Ted clearly suffered not only from the multiple mental illness he was diagnosed with. Bipolar, Manic depression etc….but he clearly suffered from both borderline personality d/o among perhaps other mental disorders. He should have never been found competent to stand trial much less to represent himself during his trial. The system took this opportunity and used it to bury him and secure a death penalty..this way they can please the public the pressure is off..n everyone gets to go home. This is why every day more I have less and less faith in the justice system of this great nation!!


The statement “She testified for Bundy’s innocence despite Bundy’s public confession of guilt on over 30 separate murders” isn’t correct. Ted didn’t confess until shortly before he was executed as a last attempt for a stayed execution. That was long after she testified, at least in court.


Danny Kay, he hitch hiked, took a bus and stole vehicles along the way. I saw it on the Dahmer tapes on Netflix.


They can compare DNA from Ted’s siblings.


Hey could still do a DNA test using samples from his siblings if they wanted to do so. It would be a familial match.

But it’s best this way. The woman can have a life.


What woman would want to come forward about her father being a rapist. A child rapist at that? He didnt even raise her. I wouldn’t buy a shirt out of respect to the real life families of the victims, but interesting facts. I wish people would provide more of the victims though. What they liked to do or wanted to become, or anything positive about them before they met some sicko

Trenton Quarantino

If Bundy really did manage to reproduce, that means the bastard cheated death. He might have been fried, but his demonic DNA lives on.


Leave the girl alone. If she can have a life without any ties to that man who is her bio dad bit never her father good for her. Hope they never find her and she and her children can have as much of a normal life as possible.


Seriously….. Is Boone supposed to feel special that a child murderer/serial killer “loved” her. Most would question…. Does a personality such as Bundy have the capacity to love…. He was probably more in love with the idea that she loved him.
Who cares? I’d rather the love from a cool dude rather than a child killer….


What would be something if his daughter turned out to be a Victoria Secret Angel with a Masters in Psychology😂


I hope he really doesnt have a child. if he really has a daughter and grandchildren then they might inherit Ted’s madness

Danny Kay

Does anyone know how Ted Bundy got from Colorado to Florida after his second escape from jail?

sick people in this world

comment from above.I really wish she would come out publicly, just like the Happy Faced Killer’s daughter did. She could make a career off of public speaking or even write a book. She definitely does not want to be found or acknowledged as Bundy’s daughter.
see their sick mentality Americans are sick they are opportunists and tells her to come out like the happy face killers daughter did and make a living off other people mysery, what she did was right,,she is clearly normal and i can see why she left America, for a place somewhere with more sane people.

Pee-wee Gaskins

I’m back!


Its good she changed her name. Boone deserves to die.


If she really is Bundys daughter who can blame her from wanting it not made public, wouldn’t you?


. Why would “How It Really Happened with Hill Harper” air so much bogus info about Ted Bundy? It was not even very in depth. Can you really get a TV show and any street cred on such flimsy reporting? Hill Harper should be ashamed to be connected to such a poor show. But that’s our American love affair with money at work.

Internet theory detective

Now if u actually find out who she is and meet her convince her to come out and get it over with and be honest if u met her u can contact me I’ll help do research to find out who she really is and not spread it for her safety I swear I’m trust worthy and I’m a internet theory detective whatever we find out is classified

The internet theory detective

I wish someone would say her last name and to who ever finds her and is Truth full ask her to come out and say it and give good reasons just tell her because it would get the secret off her chest and if u say u know her be honest pls cause I’m a internet theory detective ya and I swear on everything I love that I won’t say nothing u can contact me on my YouTube channel lord_bashur verse

Patricia cherry

What made ted bundy become a killer

Patricia cherry

Why did ted bundy want to become a killer

Sean P Thompson

imagine she’d get sick of the non stop Ted talk…how is SHE? He took beautiful children out of this world he should’ve been capable of putting some in it.

alicia green

Who was the woman Ted Bundy murdered who was to be married?


My opinion is that we should all respect her privacy. These people have suffered enough of being related to a killer. They have nothing to do with that and should be left in peace. Bundy has paid the ultimate price for his crimes. Now let us forget about the man and keep our compassion to the victims, including Bundy’s relatives (I am also thinking of his mother, who in a way is a victim too, of another kind that’s sure but a victim anyway)

It's Rosa not Rose

I know the identity of his daughter as well. The person who commented has it right, except for the fact that her 5 year old child is a boy and her name is Rosa with an A. She is married, lives out of the country (in her husband’s home country), met her husband while studying abroad, and is as normal as one can be.

Without a freakin’ doubt she is Ted’s biological child.
The son looks like her, and she looks like a female version of Ted. She has his nose/forehead/ears/smile/smirk and she has her mom’s eye color, hair and chin. The smirk is so uncanny, her son has it too. I bet in life she has had to reconcile with the fact that she looks just like her father.

Carol’s son has two adopted children, and they were all at Rosa’s wedding back a few years ago. I don’t know if Carol talks to her son or not. Carol also changed her first and last name after she left Florida, but only Rosa’s last name changed.

I really wish she would come out publicly, just like the Happy Faced Killer’s daughter did. She could make a career off of public speaking or even write a book. She definitely does not want to be found or acknowledged as Bundy’s daughter.

Obsessed with true crime

Anyone can claim or give false information about any serial killers. So what makes you think “obsessed” (person above writing comment) that people are going to believe you are telling the truth?


I am the Zodiac Killer!!

Monte Good



I done some research and found Bundys daughter. She definitely went to great lengths to hide her identity. She no longer goes by Rose or her last name. She has a daughter who is a toddler. It’s uncanny how much the grandchild looks like Ted. Carole even severed ties with her own son (not Teds child, and he is a preacher now) to protect Rose from the Bundy legacy. I will not reveal her name or whereabouts for her privacy and protection from public ridicule. Rose was actually cut off from Ted when Carole finally came to terms with the fact that Ted was indeed the murderous psychopath he was.

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