Meet Carole Anne Boone: Ted Bundy's Ex Wife

carole anne boone

Little is known of Carole Anne before she became the wife of Ted Bundy. Even less is known of Boone after Bundy’s execution. We do know they met while working for the state of Washington. It is known that the two exchanged numerous letters before she moved to Florida to be closer to Bundy. She provided character witness on Bundy’s behalf multiple times. They shared a “loophole” wedding in the middle of the trial for Bundy’s killing of Kimberly Leach.

As Ted Bundy wife, Carole Boone Bundy claims to have been impregnated and then gave birth to Ted’s daughter. Why she chose to stop her visits remains unanswered. The efforts she took to remove herself and her daughter from the public eye to avoid being tied to the most horrific of serial killers worked. Little else is known of the wife of Ted Bundy and even less is known of his daughter.

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Carole Ann Boone Meets Ted Bundy

Carole Ann Boone’s early life is a bit of a mystery. Not a lot is known of her until she first met Ted Bundy. This was before he embarked on his infamous killing spree. Both Bundy and Boone worked In Olympia, Washington for the Washington State Department of Emergency Services. At the time, Carole Ann Boone was a divorcee with a teenage son. She was a fun, free spirited person. She took to Ted, with his rugged good looks and charming personality, as quickly as Ted took to her.

Since both Ted and Carole were involved with other people during this time, their relationship was only a friendship. This isn't at all surprising as Ted Bundy abducted and attacked roughly 17 women during 1974, the year he met Carole Anne. He also began attending the University of Utah Law School. Clearly, Ted Bundy didn't have time for another relationship, what with all the rape, law school and killing going on. While Ted and Carole were only friends at this point, their friendship is said to be an intense, close relationship.

Ted Bundy: Master of Manipulation

carole ann boone

Ted Bundy and Carole Anne began talking to each other in earnest during Ted’s 1977 trial in Florida. He began writing letters to Carole Anne. These letters were full of flowery promises and professions of love, as well as pleads of innocence. Bundy was a master manipulator, after all. Carole Anne eventually fell head over heels for Ted Bundy and his words of endearment. She loaded up her life and her teenage son to move closer to Ted. She became his number one fan, offering her undying support while attending all of his court proceedings. In return for her unending faith, character witnesses and numerous care packages, Carole received letters full of sickly sweet promises of Ted’s love.

Love is Blind

Ted Bundy’s love letters, innate charm, and dashing good looks were enough to manipulate and completely blind Carole Anne from the atrocities he committed. His sardonic smile won her over completely. She offered up all the support she could while Ted Bundy was behind bars. Carole Anne testified as a character witness on Bundy’s behalf on more than one occasion. Bundy was so charming and sweet to Carole Anne that she just could not see him as the person who was accused of committing so many atrocious acts of violence.

He Owes her a Marriage

After spending a few years supporting Ted Bundy every way she possibly could, Carole began demanding Bundy marry her. She moved her life and her son to be closer to the man she loved. She stood by him and looked the other way while he was accused of unspeakable crimes against other women and children. She felt he owed her a marriage. She wanted more than anything to be Ted Bundy wife, to be legitimate. It is hard to say if Bundy truly loved Carole Anne or if he was merely using her as a means to an end. The man was facing the death penalty, after all. Surely the care packages made his time in prison less lonely. He probably felt he would benefit from having Carole Anne stand up as a character witness on Ted’s behalf. Carole Anne went on with getting blood tests and obtaining a marriage license. She struggled to find a minister who would agree to perform the ceremony.

Man and Wife

Although Ted Bundy may not have loved Carole Anne the way she loved him, he still petitioned the prison, asking to be allowed to marry Carole Anne Boone. These petitions were denied, the jail stating marriage was not in the best interest of Bundy. Ted Bundy was not a man to take no for an answer. His time at the University of Utah provided Bundy with information about little-known laws, including an obscure code on the books in Florida.

During the trial for murdering Kimberly Leach, Carole Anne took the stand as a character witness for Bundy. It was during his questioning when he asked Carole to marry him. She, of course, said yes. Ted Bundy then declared the two of them legally married. A Florida statute stated this type of ceremony performed in front of a judge was, in fact, binding. On February 9, 1980, Carole Anne Boone became Ted Bundy's wife. The very next day, Bundy was sentenced to death for the third time.

Baby Makes Three

There are two conflicting stories as to how Carole Anne Boone Bundy came to be carrying Ted Bundy’s baby in 1981. While Carole and her son visited Bundy faithfully every week, her husband was not allowed conjugal visits. Their visits are said to have been especially romantic but within the confines of the visiting room.

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One rumor says Bundy impregnated his wife during a frantic tryst behind a vending machine in the visiting room. Another especially salacious story reports Carole Boone Bundy passing a condom to her husband via a kiss. Bundy presumably later filled the condom with the necessary genetic material and then passed it back to his wife via a kiss shared between the two during another visit. Carole reportedly told the press it was none of their business when asked the details of conception. She gave birth to their baby girl in October of 1982.

carole boone ted bundy

Death Watch

In 1986, Ted Bundy was put on death watch pending his upcoming execution. Death watch meant an end to the physical contact permitted visits he had enjoyed with Carole and his daughter. Reports state this upset their daughter, having to see her dad behind glass, not being allowed hugs. She would throw awful tantrums in the visiting area, demanding to see her father. Because of this, Carole Boone Bundy decided to stop visiting Bundy. Whether or not this had anything to do with his repeated confessions, we may never know.

Carol Was Long Gone

After foregoing visits with her husband so as not to have to see her daughter so upset, Carole Anne stopped coming to visit Bundy altogether. Rumors flew about, saying she had gone to take care of a sick relative. When Ted Bundy’s date of execution finally rolled around, Carole was long gone. She never saw or spoke to him again. Carole Anne changed her and her daughter’s surnames to avoid being identified. She and Ted Bundy’s baby had disappeared from Ted’s life as well as public life for good. Little else is know about the whereabouts of Boone and her daughter. The steps she took to avoid further publicity as the wife of one of the most prolific serial killers of all time worked.

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