5 Worst Serial Killers in Houston, Texas

As a self-professed true crime enthusiast, it is always fascinating to uncover the biographies and in-depth information regarding crimes committed by deeply disturbed individuals. This slightly morbid interest into dark tales of crime and murder becomes even more exciting when you discover that a serial killer hails from or committed grisly murders in your hometown!

Being a native Houstonian, I thought it would be noteworthy to research hometown crimes and uncover information on the perpetrators who committed these atrocities. Listed below are five serial killers who called Houston their home and/or committed horrific murders in The Bayou City.

Serial Killer Houston 

1. The Railroad Killer

Mexican national, Angel Maturino Resendiz, terrorized the city of Houston with a string of brutal murders which occurred during the 1990’s. Resendiz was given the alias of “The Railroad Killer” because most his murders took place near railways, which he also used to traverse across much of the southern United States. Though not a native Houstonian, he was responsible for the murder of at least two victims in the Houston-area. His murder method of choice usually involved bludgeoning his victims with various objects including rocks and pick axes.

2. The Sunday Morning Slasher

One of the most notorious serial killers in American history, Carl "Coral" Eugene Watts is suspected of murdering as many as 100 women. Watts particularly targeted young white women and used various tactics to kill his victims including stabbing, slashing, drowning, strangulation and bludgeoning. The Sunday Morning Slasher made his mark in Houston in the early 1980’s with the murders of several young women, several of whom were simply jogging through their neighborhoods. Police were left puzzled as these murders occurred randomly throughout the city at such a high frequency. 

3. Edward Harold Bell

Self-proclaimed sex offender and serial killer, Edward Harold Bell, was responsible for the murder of at least seven teenage and adolescent girls in the 1970’s. Bell attests that being brainwashed caused him to lead a deviously malicious life of raping and killing. Since he murdered so many girls in the Houston-area, he was only able to recall his victims by their haircolor. 

4. The Candy Man

Houston Serial Killers

Probably the most infamous Houston serial killer would have to be Ben Corll, eerily dubbed “The Candy Man.” From 1970 to 1973, The Candy Man targeted young boys in the Houston-area, particularly runaways and teenage male sex workers. During his three-year crime spree, Corll kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered at least twenty-eight boys.

He earned the nicknamed “The Candy Man” because his family owned and operated a candy factory in The Heights area of the city. Corll was known to frequently give away free candy to neighborhood children. This act of sweetness was surely a facade for his sadistic, murderous reality. 

5. Elmer Wayne Henley

Houston serial killer, Elmer Wayne Henley, earned notoriety for his role in a number of murders which occurred in the early 1970’s. Henley played his part as an accomplice to Ben Corll’s numerous murders of young teenage and adolescent boys. Henley, being nearly two decades his junior, assisted Corll by luring young victims to their unfortunate deaths. The duo’s illicit killing spree came to an abrupt conclusion when Henley shot Corll to death after a quarrel during an alcohol and drug fueled party.


Houston Murders


Like any other major U.S. city, the list of serial killers in Houston is quite extensive. As a true crime aficionado, you may find that conducting some research into your own hometown may reveal some dark details. In the meantime, you may find this overview of notorious serial killers from Wisconsin an entertaining gateway into your pursuit for true crime knowledge.

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Shirley Simmons

Did they ever catch the leaky eye rapist / murder of fourth ward 1974?

Theresa Rodriguez

My great uncle was murdered in Harris co TX. This case as far as I know is a cold case. My grandma passed not knowing who murdered her brother. His name is Kenneth Raymond Crawford murder was 1975. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

James Little

Do you have any information
On Leaky Eye that was in late
60’s Homestead houston texas
Please let me know

Lucy Davila Hakemack

Hello, I grew up in the Houston Heights at 1915 Rutland. There was an old 2 story house across the alley from my house. There was a brutal murder of a young maybe teenage girl that happened one night in the upstairs part of tha house also on Rutland st. I think I was 7 yrs. old , maybe older so it had to have occurred in the early 1960’s. I believed the victim was stabbed to death and put in the bathtub. The killer got in the upstairs apartment through some inside back stairs. My family actually lived in that top apartment of that old house until I was about 4. It is no longer there. I had a strange dream about that young girl and her murder and I wonder if it was ever solved. Do you know about it.?Thanks. Lucy


When I told my mom about this she said there was this man in her neighborhood they called the Candyman (this is way after the Candyman got caught) and he always gave them free candy and than one day he just disappeared

Roger Gartman

The title “candy man” is shared in Houston. Both within 2 years of each other. Dean Corll in 1973 and Clark O’Bryan in 1975. O’Bryan is the cause of the Halloween candy scare that everyone in the nation still fears due to myths spread from his actions. O’Bryan poisoned his son fatally for insurance money and attempted to poison his daughter and 4 other neighbor kids to cover up his crime by saying it was handed out as trick or treat candy. He was executed in 1985. I know such as he lived in my hometown…we never forgot.

Roger Gartman

You can’t separate Dean Corll and Elmer Wayne Henley Jr. as they were both apart of the same murder spree of teenage boys.

Roger Gartman

It was DEAN Corll. He got the title candy man due to the fact that his parents owned a well to do candy factory in Houston. Its claimed he had an ice cream truck that he used to find his targets…but thats only word spread by those who lived here during the time of his murders. He also had 2 accomplices, one of which shot him in the chest prior to arrest, Elmer Wayne Henley Jr was that man. Henley and Albert brooks were given life sentences for the crimes.


It’s Dean Corll


Dean Corll

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