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If it bleeds, it leads.

True crime podcasts have been rapidly on the rise for the past ten years, and in 2024, millions of us are consuming them on a daily basis.

Everyone knows the big name players in the true crime podcasting world. Shows like Casefile, Last Podcast on the LeftCriminal & Serial have become genre-changing sensations, reaching an audience which true crime paperbacks and TV documentaries could only dream of.

Now, there’s a whole plethora of true crime podcasts out there, covering everything from the infamous criminals to little-known murderers in backwater towns. With so much to choose from, it can be easy to get decision fatigue, but we’ve compiled the best 11 true crime podcasts to binge right now.

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Where The Bodies Are Buried

This podcast has to be at the top of the list. Seasoned serial killer profiler Phil Chalmers host this new true crime podcast and there are several reasons to give it a listen. What separates this podcast from others in the genre is the relationship the host develops with the serial killers. 

According to the Where The Bodies Are Buried Website, "Each episode features Phil conducting behind bars interviews with incarcerated psychopathic serial killers. His unprecedented connections within the prison system coupled with his law enforcement relationships and the entrusted “friendships” he's made with notorious killers provides this series access to information thought to otherwise be impossible to obtain."

If you are looking for the next podcast to binge, I would add this one to the top of the list. The Son Of Sam episode is my favorite so far! Make sure to check out the official Bodies Podcast merch store as well! Here's a teaser clip from the podcast:

Minds Of Madness

Why do ordinary people do unthinkable things?

Minds Of Madness Podcast

That’s the question asked by this award-winning true crime podcast. The Minds of Madness is narrated by the velvet tones of Tyler Allen, a Canadian-born true crime junkie, and tells stories of ordinary people who snapped and turned to murder.

You won’t find much mention of infamous serial killers here, as the Minds of Madness focuses mostly on lesser-known cases that few other podcasts have covered. Cases like Sally Challen, Veronica Navarro and Nina Reiser, although Minds of Madness does occasionally turn their attention to high-profile crimes like the Chris Benoit tragedy.

Stories are told in a free-flowing narration form, interspersed with snippets of interviews and other audio footage. The podcast also makes sure to emphasize the lives and accolades of the victims rather focussing solely on the perpetrators’ deeds. New Minds of Madness episodes are uploaded every two weeks.


Morbidology Podcast Logo

If you want a podcast that covers all the details, and we mean all the details, then get down and gritty with Morbidology.

Narrated by Irish author Emily G. Thompson, Morbidology takes a look at some of the most disturbing cases in history. Most of the murders covered are fairly modern, but Morbidology doesn’t hesitate to delve back into the historical archives from time to time.

Not only is Morbidology a binge-worthy true crime podcast, but the website is a hub of bizarre and fascinating information, from hauntings to abandoned towns to strange cults. If you want weird and disturbing, you’ll find it here. New podcast episodes are uploaded on a weekly basis.

Case Remains

Case Remains is a relatively new podcast on the scene, having only started in November 2018, but it’s quickly become a fan favorite by true crime fans. The podcast focuses solely on unsolved mysteries and missing persons cases, and it’s narrated by British true crime researcher Beth Colman. A calming female presence always makes tragic stories that little bit more digestible.

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Episodes are usually short and to-the-point, rarely running longer than 30 minutes each. All of the cases are little-known tragedies that have occurred all over the world, with a good chunk of them based in European countries.

Case Remains offers a great way to consume some stories which you might not be familiar with, especially if you’re based in the US. Episodes are uploaded sporadically, with an average of one every three weeks.

LISK: Long Island Serial Killer

The Long Island Serial Killer has been covered quite extensively, even by ourselves. But with a case this massive, there’s still a lot to talk about.

Luckily, the LISK podcast is here to do the talking for you. Not only does LISK narrate the entire story of the Craigslist Ripper case, it also includes in-depth interviews from the people close to the story.

Some of the interviewees have details that aren’t available to the public, such as John Ray, a lawyer and the only person to have heard the famous 911 tapes involved in the case.

Episodes pop up once a week on average, or whenever new information on the LISK is uncovered. As of May 2020, there are 17 episodes available, varying in length from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

Let's Talk About Sects

Looking for cult activity? Then Let’s Talk About Sects might be the podcast for you.

Let's Talk About Sects Cult Podcast

Raunchy word-play aside, this independent podcast is a little more than your average true crime ‘cast. It includes elements of murder and mayhem, sure, but its main focus is on cults, sects, religious groups and secret societies.

Hosted by Australian-born Sarah Steel, Sarah deep dives into these bizarre worlds and takes an in-depth look at the practices used by these cult movements, as well as focussing on the life and teachings of their usually-enigmatic leaders. Some of the cases you might be familiar with, such as the esoteric Order of the Solar Temple, and a lot of cases you won’t have heard of before. Become a follower today, and be sure to drink the Kool-Aid at the end.


Not the hit TV show, unfortunately, but a close second. The Supernatural podcast combines true crime with voodoo, possession, and a little conspiracy theory for good measure.

Supernatural Podcast

There are some cases out there which are relatively straight forward, but what about the ones which are a little more complex? Going deeper still, what about the incidents which are almost too outlandish to be true? Supernatural will take you down the rabbit hole as it explores some of the cases which seem completely implausible.

For example, the mysterious Allagash Incident, which saw two brothers have exactly the same nightmares. Or Ettore Majorana, a psychic who boarded a ship and never got off.

Supernatural is hosted by Ashley Flowers, who also works on the famous podcast Crime Junkies.

Small Town Dicks

Despite being the name of a parody film you might find on Pornhub, Small Town Dicks is one of the hottest new true crime ‘casts on the scene.

Yeardley Smith serves as the narrator, and anonymous veteran detectives Dan and Dave produce STD, which focuses on small-town murders all over the world. Every episode features an interview with a detective, police officer or law enforcement official who played a pivotal role in each case, and includes audio footage in the form of 911 calls, jailhouse tapes, interrogation interviews and court statements.

And perhaps the best thing about Small Town Dicks? It’s hosted by the voice of Lisa Simpson. Yeardley Smith provides the story, while Dan, Dave and their weekly guest offer their detective expertise.

This one is only going to get more popular as it covers more cases, so catch up while you can. Episodes are either uploaded weekly or bi-weekly. The only downside to Small Town Dicks is that we’re still waiting for an episode with Chief Wiggum.


British pals Hannah and Suruthi jump right in headfirst. RedHanded is a light-hearted true crime podcast that covers all manners of crazy and surreal incidents.

RedHanded Podcast

If you want an episode about gruesome serial killers, you’ll find it here. If you want to hear a case about satanic ritual abuse, RedHanded has you covered there too. If you want a serial killer t-shirt - we got you covered. Unlike a lot of the other podcasts on this list, RedHanded is a more casual chitter-chatter kind of show, like Last Podcast on the Left or My Favorite Murder. While it’s highly informative, expect the hosts to jump between graphic descriptions of violence to tongue-in-cheek jokes on a whim. It sounds chalk and cheese, but it works pretty well.

After only being on the scene for two short years, RedHanded has already amassed something of a cult following online, which many people claiming that it’s one of the most interesting podcasts on the scene at the moment. Binge it for yourself and see what you think.

The Trail Went Cold

The Trail Went Cold is a weekly true crime podcast hosted by Robin Warder and focuses on unsolved mysteries, missing people and cold cases. Now in its fourth year, The Trail Went Cold boasts an impressive 175 episodes, and covers everything from recent disappearance cases right back to strange incidents from the 1950s.

Episode lengths usually skirt around the 40-minute mark, although some of the more complex stories can go over an hour. Robert does a great job of recapping the entire story at the beginning of each show and then going through the entire story bit-by-bit. His research is second to none, and even offers his own opinions and theories regarding the strange events in each episode.

You won’t find many well-known cases here, either, as The Trail Went Cold only picks the most obscure stories from history to cover.

Occultae Veritatis

Four ignorant Canadian dipshits who love talking about the world’s worst things.” If that tagline doesn’t grab you, nothing will.

We’ll be honest, Occultae Veritatis is weird as hell. These guys certainly don’t take themselves seriously, why is why we love them. These four self-confessed dipshits talk about everything from child-eating murderer Albert Fish to the Heaven’s Gate suicides to Mothman. If it’s weird, unusual, or has ties to the occult, these boys will cover it.

Four hosts might sound like a lot, but each one brings their own different flavor to the proceedings. There are some really dark cases, some emotionally heavy stories, and some quite funny ones, so you never know what you’re going to get each week. Episodes are uploaded very regularly, with an average of a new episode every four days.

Real Crime Podcast

If you’re into the psychological side of true crime, Real Crime Profile will give that dopamine hit you crave time and time again.

Hosted by Jim Clemente, a former FBI profiler, Laura Richards, a criminal behavioral analyst and Lisa Zambetti, the casting director for the TV show Criminal Minds, Real Crime Profile takes an in-depth look at various murder cases and applies the same psychological profiling techniques used by the FBI.

As of May 2022, there’s an incredible 252 episodes available, most of which hover around the 40 minute mark. Some cases, such as the infamous Don’t Fuck With Cats murderer Luka Magnotta, span up to five episodes, meaning that’s around three hours of psychological profiling goodness to her your ears around.

In addition to profiling serial killers, gangsters and mass shooters, the team also look into the psychopathology of infamous criminals like Jeffrey Epstein (in an ambitious 9-part series), as well as deconstructing the motives of fictional characters like Ted from Mindhunter.

Make sure to check out the David Parker Ray episode.

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