6 Horror Movies to Look for in 2017


Now that 2016 is almost history, what do horror fans have to look forward to watching in 2017?  Next year’s crop of horror movies looks promising, with some intriguing new entries as well as—you guessed it—some horror franchise sequels and remakes.  Here are a few upcoming horror films the critics have tagged as worth looking for in the coming year.


Saw:  Legacy (October)

Despite promises that Saw 3D was going to be the last movie in the Saw franchise, Saw will be back for the 8th installment in 2017.  Filmmakers are pretty secretive about the plot, although there are a few teasers out there, especially about the potential return from the dead of John Kramer, aka Jigsaw.


Patient Zero (February)

The popularity of the zombie apocalypse genre continues in 2017 with the film Patient Zero.  The world has been decimated by a viral pandemic.  The undead victims, called “the infected” by survivors, have a more complicated master plan in mind than just a little brain-eating.


Keep Watching (March)

A new entry in the popular home invasion genre, this film features three strange villains named Mysterious, Creator, and Terror.  The home invaders imprison a family and make them play a horrifying game of “kill or be killed”…streaming live to an audience of millions.


Get Out (February)

A satirical horror movie by Jordan Peele that’s bound to stimulate some discussion, Get Out tells the story of a young black man who visits the estate of his rich white girlfriend, only to discover that black people have gone missing from this sinister place over the years.


The Dark Tapes (Early 2017)

It’s likely that the popularity of Black Mirror inspired this horror anthology film.  Four inter-related paranormal stories are told in found-footage style.  Ghosts, demons, aliens, and all sorts of supernatural beings are terrifyingly captured on film.


Insidious:  Chapter 4 (October)

Demonologist Elise Rainier will be a central figure in the latest Insidious installment.  Plot details are sketchy but teasers indicate that Elise may or may not be dead in this one, and that she’ll be joined by a character named Aubrey and—quite possibly—the Lipstick Faced Demon.




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