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Ted Bundy was a prolific serial killer who was executed in Florida in 1989. He was said to be charming, although not particularly handsome, and he seemed to have a way to get people to trust him. He was a sociopath, although he once worked for a suicide hotline.

How Many People Did Ted Bundy Kill?

Ted Bundy confessed to killing 36 people, but hinted at as many as 100 victims, although there is no way to know for sure.

This article will cover some of the Bundy's known victims.

Ted Bundy Victims By State

ted bundy yearbook photo

Above: Ted Bundy's yearbook photo.

Washington State

  • Anne Marie Burr, age 8

August 13, 1962

Anne lived not far from Ted Bundy, then 15. Bundy had a paper route, and the little girl adored him. She followed him around all the time. One night, Anne disappeared from her home. Her parents found the front door wide open the next day.

Her body was never found, although street construction work near her home could easily have been used to hide her body and it went unnoticed as workers filled in the road with cement. 

  • Lonnie Trumbull Little is know about Lonnie.
  • Lisa Wick

June 23, 1966

Both young women were roommates and stewardesses. They had a third roommate, also a stewardess, who returned home one morning to find her roommates seemingly asleep. They weren't. Both had been attacked, and Lonnie was dead. Lisa survived, although she was in a coma for a long time. She remembered nothing. 

  • Linda Ann Healey, age 21

Disappeared: January 31, 1974

Found March 3, 1975

On the last day she was ever seen, Linda went to work as usual. She had invited her parents to dinner the next day, and when they arrived, they found a horrific scene. Sheets and the pillowcase were soaked in blood.

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Police found zero evidence of the attacker and Linda's body was missing. A year later her skull was found in an area that came to be known as a dumping ground for Bundy's victims's remains. Bundy confessed before his execution. 

  • Donna Gail Manson, age 19

Disappeared: March 12, 1974

Donna disappeared from Evergreen State College on March 12, 1974. She had left her room to walk to a jazz concert and was never seen again. She was known to hitchhike. She was a free spirit type so no one thought much of her absence for nearly a week.

Before his death Bundy confessed to her murder and said her bones were among some unidentified bones found on March 3, 1975 on Taylor Mountain, Washington.

The Colorado Murders

  • Caryn Campbell, age 23

Disappeared: Jan 12, 1976 Wildwood Inn, Aspen, Colorado.

Found: Feb 18, 1976 Owl Creek Road, Aspen Colorado.

Caryn, a registered nurse, vanished after she went to get a magazine from the inn room where she was staying. Her fiancée searched for her but no avail. On February 18, she was found in a nearby snow bank, bloody, nude and likely raped. Bundy confessed to her Colorado murder before his execution. 

  • Denise Lynn Oliverson, 25 years old

Disappeared: Apr 6, 1975 Grand Junction, Colorado

Found: Never

After arguing bitterly with her husband, Denise set off on her bike to visit her parents. She never arrived, but because her parents weren't expecting her, and her husband assumed she'd stayed with them because she was still mad, no one realized she was missing until the next day.

Her sandals and bike were found under a nearby bridge. Bundy confessed to this murder as well.

  • Melanie Cooley, 18 years old

Disappeared: Apr 15, 1975 Nederland, Colorado

Found: Apr 23, 1975 Coal Creek Rd, Nederland, Colorado

Melanie simply walked away from her high school on April 15 and was never seen alive again. Road workers found her body a few days later. She'd been beaten on the back of the head, hands tied, pillowcase around her neck. Bundy confessed to her murder.

The Idaho Murder

  • Lynette Culver, 13 years old

Disappeared: May 1975

Lynette disappeared from her junior high school after leaving it for lunch break. She was never seen alive again. Bundy confessed to her murder, saying that he abducted Lynette, took her a hotel room, raped her, drowned her, and then dumped her in a river. Bundy gave details about Lynette that only she could have told him, so he's likely the killer. Her body was never found. 

The Florida Murders

  • Lisa Levy, 20 years old

Murdered: Jan 14, 1978 Tallahassee Florida

Lisa Levy Ted Bundy Victim

Lisa left a popular disco at about 10pm. She was tired, so she went home to bed at her sorority house. Her roommate was gone for the weekend, so Lisa was alone. It was the same night that two other girls in the house were viciously attacked, although they survived.

Lisa wasn't so lucky. She was found by an officer in her room, no pulse. She died before getting to the hospital. Her left nipple had nearly been bitten off and she had been strangled. The bite mark on her left buttock would later identify Bundy as the attacker.

  • Kimberly Leach, 12 years old

Disappeared: Feb 9, 1978 Lake City, Florida

Found: Apr 7, 1978 Suwannee State Park, Florida

Kimberly was Bundy's last known victim and the one that sent him to the electric chair. At her junior high school, Kimberly discovered that she had left her purse in a classroom. She went back to retrieve it, and in the process, a friend saw her in the distance, going off with a man, crying. Others saw it too but assumed that the man was just an angry father, disciplining his child.

When Kimberly failed to return home that day, her parents knew something was wrong. The police thought she'd just run away. They were wrong. Kimberly's bones were found in a pigpen a couple months later. There was evidence of rape and strangulation, but it's hard to be sure. 

Ted Bundy killed and attacked many, many others. This has been just an overview of some of his victims. May they rest in peace.

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All images from the Ted Bundy Wikimedia Commons page.



wow how crule


Bundy was a psychopath who defiled the women he murdered after their deaths. Anyone who believes he was some kind of misunderstood “good” guy must have bees living in their heads.

Audrey Shortridge

I dont care if you think ted bundy is attractive or not, HE IS A PEDOPHILE A RAPIST AND A CEREAL MURDER. THIS WAS A GOD AWFUL PERSON. it is selfish and incredibly disrespectful to the victums and familys this man has effected to say “I would let hime murder me” or “I dont care what he did, I’d let him do whatever he wants to me.” there is something horibbly wrong with you if you really believe what you are saying. there is something truly wrong with sociaty. you are almost as discusing as ted bundy.


i dont know if i like ted bundy or not?


I would’ve let ted bundy kill me…💖

JAirus Mulla

Ted Bundy is ruthless, were his actions justifiable, maybe ted bundy is a good man despite him murdering at minimum 36 people. maybe hes not all that bad. maybe it wasn’t even him, maybe allah made him do it, maybe he did it in the name of Christ on behalf of the catholic and protestant and orthodox and unorthodox church and also on behalf of the Ku Klux Klan.
maybe all those 36 people that died were just annoying af. and they deserved to die cuz like who has time for stuck up people that cant vibe with teddy bun.
and plus kids are just lame
#gladtobe21 #gladtobeanadult

Kay Ayers

Sometimes I read about Ted Bundy, and I am frightened that I actually had a date with him in November 1971, but thankful that I declined a second date. He was visiting a friend at Emory University. We went to the Fox Theater to see a movie “ Murders in the Rue Morgue”. I rode in his infamous VW. There were some red flags, and he acted very strange. I do not understand why the people that knew him did not see this. And just think, I fit the perfect description of all the girls he murdered. He was also very fascinated with the movie. He said he had seen it three or four times. After the movie he seemed to become disturbed and angry, but I wasn’t sure why. I told him that I really wanted to go straight home, maybe that
made him angry. I will always wonder, but I’m glad I’ll never know. Knowing could have cost me my life.

Daniel Polson

Ted killed several little kids, sheesh. Why, what was the point?

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