current serial killers at large

At any one time, it’s believed that there are around 25-50 active serial killers lurking in the dark corners of the USA, stalking the streets and highways for their next potential victim.

While the term serial killer usually conjures up images of people like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Richard Ramirez, there are a whole host of other serial killers who are perhaps even more terrifying – for the sole reason they’ve never been caught.

Here are 9 current serial killers who are still at large. Updated March 1, 2022.

The Long Island Serial Killer

One New York serial killer has been plying his grisly trade for over twenty years now, killing at least ten victims between 1996 and 2010, and possibly more we haven’t yet discovered.

current serial killers - the long island serial killer

Dubbed the Long Island Serial Killer or the Craigslist Ripper, the extent of these unsolved crimes is still unknown.

It was only after authorities accidentally stumbled upon human remains whilst searching for missing sex worker Shannan Gilbert that they realized Gilgo Beach might be a dumping area for a serial killer.

After initially uncovering four bodies, police widened their search and discovered another six. Eight of them were women, all escorts who used Craigslist to advertise their services.

One body was that of a toddler, later discovered to be the daughter of one of the victims. Another body was that of a cross-dressing male, adding further mystery to the killer’s motives.

Several suspects were soon identified but none of them with any conclusive ties to the ten victims found. It’s theorized that the killer possibly has a law enforcement background judging by how he’s managed to elude capture for so long.

The mystery of the LISK lives on.

Jeff Davis 8 Killers

Between 2005 and 2009, the bodies of eight women between the ages of 17-30 were found dumped in the swamps of Jefferson Davis Parish near Jennings, Louisiana.

Interestingly, the victims had several things in common. Several of them knew each other, one pair of victims even being cousins. Perhaps more bizarrely was that all of the victims acted as police informants, several of whom actually reported on other Jeff Davis victims before their own murders.

jeff davis 8 serial killer at large

The investigation into murders of the Jeff Davis 8 never identified a legitimate suspect, but it led to wild allegations of misconduct amongst Louisiana police.

Muddling the case further, an investigative reporter later stated the person (or people) responsible for these killings were most likely part of law enforcement. Given each victims’ history, this isn’t too implausible.

The fact that the perpetrator or perpetrators could be investigating their own crimes makes the Jeff Davis 8 a particularly disturbing case.

Today, the case is known as a possible example of police corruption. In October 2019, interest in the case was renewed as a result of Showtime’s new documentary on the case.

The West Mesa Bone Collector

Serial Killers Still Out There

In February 2009, a woman out for a walk with her dog discovered what she believed to be human bones on a mesa near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Police soon investigated, and to their shock, they subsequently discovered the remains of eleven women in total along the same stretch of land.

The women ranged between ages 15-32 and were all involved in the sex trade. Most were of Hispanic descent and one of the women was pregnant at the time of her murder.

While the case remains unsolved, police do have two major suspects. However, one of them is in prison on an unrelated charge and the other is dead. Lorenzo Montoya lived in a trailer a few miles from where the victims were found, but was killed in 2006 by a sex worker (and most likely his next victim). Joseph Blea was a known rapist in the area, and when police invaded his home, they found a stash of women’s jewelry and underwear.

Unfortunately, police haven’t been able to confirm a definite link between either suspect and the West Mesa bodies. The case is still open today.

Brazil's Rainbow Maniac

It’s not just the USA where serial killers go uncaught, it happens all over the world. The Rainbow Maniac was a serial killer in Carapicuiba, Brazil who targeted gay men.

Over the span of 18 months between 2007 and 2008, the Rainbow Maniac killed 13 people execution-style with bullets to the head, all of whom were killed in Paturis Park and then dumped in nearby bushes with their trousers around their ankles.

One of his victims he beat to death and his twelfth victim was shot a grand total of twelve times.

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São Paulo, where Carapicuiba is located, has remained one of the most progressive cities in South America. However, at the time of the murders, several ultra-conservative groups were highly vocal of their intolerance towards homosexuality.

It’s possible that the person responsible for these killings was a vengeful homophobe looking to reduce the numbers of the gay community.

In 2011, a suspect was arrested and trialed in relation to the killings, but was found not guilty by the deciding jury. So, whoever the Rainbow Maniac might be is still out there, and it’s very possibly he’s gotten away with murder.

Ibadan Forest Serial Killers

While we’re on the subject of overseas murder, here’s some real nightmare fuel for you.

In Nigeria there’s a place known as the Ibadan Forest of Horror, or the Evil Forest. Back in 2014, a curious motorcyclist made his way into Soka forest in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, and what he found was like something from a HP Lovecraft story.

He found a small colonized area of decrepit buildings, and inside there were over twenty rotten corpses and severed human skulls, and most terrifyingly, ten live people chained to slaughter benches.

Other buildings had piles of clothes, boots and passports inside them. Police have attempted to trace the owners of the passports but have been unable to find them.

Ibadan Forest of Horror Serial killer

Photo via

Exactly who might be responsible for such horrors is still unconfirmed, but rumors state that the place may have been a den for religious zealots to indulge in ritual sacrifice and flesh-eating.

Nigeria is a very religious country, and such cannibalistic acts have deep primal associations. Since the discovery of the forest, many Nigerians with missing relatives have flocked to the area to search for their loved ones.

The Smiley Face Killers

smiley face killer

45 colleged-aged males across a 20-year span. All drowned after getting intoxicated. However, the kicker is that these drownings happening in 11 different states.

Despite the distance between them, some detectives think that drownings are actually the work of a serial killer or group of serial killers. This is dubbed the Smiley Face Murder Theory.

Allegedly, detectives claim that smiley faces have been found near the sites where at least twelve of the men have drowned. It’s believed that these men are abducted, murdered and then disposed of in bodies of water to give the impression of accidental drowning.

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It’s definitely a stretch to connect the murders, but they have a few things in common. Firstly, date-rape drugs were found in the systems of some of the victims – enough to render them completely unconscious. The victim profile is very similar in every case – male, white, athletic, successful, popular.

Lastly is the condition of the bodies. One victim had been missing for 40 days, but the deterioration of his corpse was nowhere near consistent with someone who had been in water for 6 weeks. This was also the case for multiple other victims.

Whether or not you think that the Smiley Face Theory is fact or fiction, there’s no doubt it’s definitely a little creepy.

Pedro Lopez - Monster Of The Andes

This entry is quite unique, given that we know the serial killer’s name. However, that’s all we know.

Pedro Lopez Serial Killer

Pedro Lopez was born Colombia in 1948. He was the son of a sex worker and as a child, was forced to watch his mother partake in extreme sexual acts. He himself was often molested too, and Lopez claimed that these events significantly affected his psyche.

By the early 1970s, Lopez had begun to rape and kill young girls across South America. When an attempted abduction went wrong in 1980, Lopez was apprehended by locals and handed over to police in Peru.

Once in custody, Lopez spewed out his colorful life story, including being captured by a native tribe and sentenced to execution for killing a young girl. He then said he’d killed ‘about three girls’ a week for two years, raising his total number of victims to 300.

Police were naturally skeptical of such a claim, but Lopez led police to a mass grave where they found the remains of 53 of his victims.

The details then a little hazy after this, with different sources reporting different stories, but what is confirmed is that Pedro Lopez was set free from prison in 1994, despite racking up one of the highest body counts in known history. He was sent to a mental home for three years and was then set free.

In 2002, Lopez was suspected of being responsible for a new murder. However, no one has been able to find him since 1998.

The I-70 Serial Killer

Police sketch of the i-70 serial killer

The I-70 Killer, an unidentified American serial killer, haunts the memories of the Midwest with a chilling murder spree that took place in the spring of 1992. The nickname stems from the proximity of the stores where his victims worked, situated just a few miles off Interstate 70.

The killer's modus operandi involved targeting young, petite, brunette women working alone in specialty stores. In one instance, a male victim was mistakenly chosen due to the store's female name and his long ponytail, which the killer may have mistaken for a woman's hair.

The sinister spree began on April 8, 1992, with the cold-blooded murder of 26-year-old Robin Fuldauer in Indianapolis. It continued with the brutal killings of Patricia Smith and Patricia Magers in Wichita, Michael McCown in Terre Haute, Nancy Kitzmiller in St. Charles, and finally, Sarah Blessing in Raytown.

The killer struck swiftly and precisely, usually during slow times of day when the stores were deserted. Each victim was shot in the back of the head with a .22-caliber firearm, and though the stores were robbed, it appeared to be a secondary motive.

Investigators believe the same killer may be responsible for two additional murders and an attempted murder in Texas during 1993 and 1994, as well as the 2001 murder of a store clerk in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Despite the case receiving widespread attention from shows such as Unsolved Mysteries, America's Most Wanted, and Dark Minds, the I-70 Killer remains unidentified, and no suspects have been publicly named.

Witness descriptions have led investigators to create composite sketches of the killer, describing him as a slender white man with reddish hair, lazy eyelids, and armed with a firearm that could be an Intratec Scorpion pistol or an Erma Werke ET22 pistol. Age-progressed versions of the sketch have been released in an attempt to spark recognition and bring this chilling case to a close.

As the chilling tale of the I-70 Killer lingers over the Midwest, the case remains open, a grim reminder of the brutal murders that once plagued the region, casting a cold, ominous shadow over the communities that will never forget the lives lost.

The Vending Machine Killer

If you want to go full weird, this entry has you covered.

Japan’s infatuation with vending machines is widely acknowledged. There are five million vending machines across the country, making an average of one vending machine per every 23 people.

Between April and November 1985 in Hiroshima, 12 people were killed as a result of paraquat poisoning and a further 35 were seriously injured.

When authorities looked into the circumstances surrounding these poisonings, they found that most of the victims had one thing in common: they’d recently consumed the drink Oronamin C.

Around the same time, the company behind Oronamin C had launched a marketing campaign offering free bottles of the drink from vending machines whenever someone made a purchase.

In Japanese culture, sometimes people will place the Oronamin C drink on top of the vending machine for someone else to take if they didn’t want it themselves.

Police soon pieced things together and found that someone had been lacing these Oronamin C drinks with paraquat and placing them back on top of the vending machine.

It was almost impossible for the police to track down the person responsible since it was difficult to narrow down where a person had originally picked up the drink. Most of the vending machines responsible were in quiet back streets with no CCTV around.

The person who carried out the poisonings was never found.

The Maniac With Dull Eyes

Also known as the Danilovsky Maniac, the Maniac with Dull Eyes was a Russian serial killer responsible for at least seven murders between 2004 and 2007.

Over in Cherepovets, Vologda Oblast, Russia, various bodies were found around the city, dumped in construction sites and in abandoned buildings. All of his victims were women between the ages of 17-31 and they’d all been raped prior to their slaughter.

Perhaps most creepily, however, is that with each scene the killer left a calling card. Police found crude pornographic drawings on the walls near where every body was found.

After establishing that a serial killer was likely responsible for these seven murders, police also linked the Maniac with a series of murders dating back to 1999. He was also suspected in the murder of a young woman in 2010. His total assumed victim count is 17.

The Maniac was never caught and probably still remains out there today.


An ever-elusive bunch, serial killers are perhaps the most unsettling phenomenon of modern life. While there are many serial killers out hunting today, it’s comforting to know that the killers featured in these serial killer documentaries aren’t hiding out in your neighborhood.

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This website admin should provide “Melysee’s” IP address to the FBI or State Police, that was a creepy comment. It could’ve been meant as comical but one never knows. I live in Canada and we are pretty safe here, the United States has way more psychos and mass shooting whether school or workplace. In Canada we can’t carry guns, but if I lived in the USA I would definitely arm myself and my family.

A dangerous man

I crush my cereal with out mercy before eating it, am I a cereal killer?

Yea right

To assume this many women are raped by successful attractive white males is clear evidence of your lack of brain matter and pure love for Jewish propaganda


When i read mellysee comment they are using the word “we” as in from a victems point.. nothing weird about it


what if the smiley face killings are women who are trying to get their own justice, i mean think about it no to sound harsh but the amount of white college boys that get away with raping girls is insane so what if these are women that banded together somehow trying to seek justice, im gonna look further into it and see if any of these victims had any allegations against them but it sounds feasible to me, the use of date rape drugs and the fact that the men had been missing for weeks prior to their deaths could suggest their captors were torturing them in a psychological way, driving them insane and to remorse before death. its a gruesome theory but it is only a theory. and before anyone comments about me bringing up white college boys, im only going off of the victms relativity to one another, yes other people men and women and all races rape so please no one lose their shit over my comment

Irish Billie

People, take care with the banter exchange, I agree with “SAMURAI.” There are several shady characters commenting who have, most certainly
committed the crimes that are being discussed or, similar. Some of their comments…..give them away…just saying!!


Checking these comments…. its 3 people that have huge red flags… one thing about serial killers a lot of them are narcissist so coming on a page like this is right up their alley… they can poke fun on the comments without really being noticed … or even maybe hear about their own workings… but some of these comments were huge flags


Mellysee is def a killer….. look at the comment… “we”


When it comes to the happy face killings, I think it is a group of women


I love it how y’all just read an entire article about these serial killers that haven’t been caught for decades, and you think that you solved it…

The word

They are only victims if they didn’t want to die.


Melysee’s comment.
You star your comment with whoever. Then you used “We” in your comment.
Wouldn’t doubt serial killers look at pages like this, trolling to see people talking about them. And I wouldn’t doubt, Sir, that you are one of them.


My sister Shari Christine saunders went to see my other sister Linda in August of 18 and was never seen again I waited for the police to do their job and now this is 2021 and it’s time for me to go find the killer anybody getting my way will be buried if that sounds cruel it was cruel to kill my sister of 69 years old and that’s all I can say right now it’s hard to talk about this happened in Southern Alabama she was last seen in a place called Greenville or something like that going to Monroeville I will find the killer and he will not die as quickly and I will hand him over to the police or the FBI alive begging to die.


So many opinions to labeling women who become victims, most ladies of the night are in some way addicts wether drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately the chase for there drug has put them in some tough situations but never blame victims, these opportunist are predators who watch, follow and strike at most opportune time. We have to be mindful most of these victims have children, families, and they didnt want there life to turn out like (this). Godbless!!!!!


Don’t understand the problem. Many serial killers kill gay men or prostitutes big all big a lot have.. It’s a common fact. It doesn’t make such people anything bad they just sadly we’re targeted.

One, because few thought they will be missed (easy targets) and two in the case of gay men, the killer is likely a closet homosexual with intense self hatred or a bigot who thinks he’s doing God’s work. Unfortunately it’s nothing new. Stop with the political nonsense already.


It is not always making choices that make you more available to become a victim. When I was young I would walk most everywhere I wanted to go, such as the beach or store or to get a burger at the local burger joint. I also locked my doors and windows and worked for law enforcement as a communications and 911 operater. One night after getting off work I was showering, getting ready for bed when I heard this loud bang come from my apartment bedroom. I stepped out of the shower and observed a shadow move across the bedroom window which was now leaning up against the wall where the window had been. I stepped back into the shower and thought to myself “what am I going to do”? I left the water running as I decided to face whoever was out there. The thoughts that went threw my head were I’m not staying in the shower to end up like the woman in the movie physco; the bathroom window is too small to get out of, and I just know there is going to be some male escapee from the Napa mental institution out there. Those thoughts were all the time it took me to make my decision to face my advisary. I stepped into my bedroom naked and wet. The man that was hiding in my closet stepped out and grabbed me. He got his arm around me from behind when I turned to run. I started screaming and fighting him. The first thing I did when I stepped into my bedroom was look at his hands to see if he was armed. He had no weapon and because I was slippery from the shower water I got loose from him. I had a 30-30 winchester rifle leaning against the wall by the side of the bed; we both looked at it however, I knew it wasn’t loaded as I kept the amo to it secured away. All of a sudden my neighbor below me started yelling my name asking if I was all right. This caused the intruder to push me out of the way and he ran out the front door jumping off my balcony. I called the Sheriff’s Dept. immediately. Put on a robe and waited for them. The only words the intruder ever said to me was when I first saw him we’re “don’t look at me, don’t look at me” and when he had grabbed me he told me to be quiet in a soft spoken voice. Yea, like that’s gonna happen. I might have not have fought him had he been armed, but I doubt it. As soon as the intruder was out my front door I yelled to my neighbor and chased him down the street with his shotgun, but he got away. So, don’t assume that where you are or what you do for a living determins whether you are or are not going to become a victim of assault or any other crime. And don’t assume what a man looks like is going to make him more trustworthy or morale. My intruder was in his mid to late 20s possibly early 30s, extremely good looking. Slender apx 170 – 175 lbs,, 5’11 to 6’, sandy brownish blond hair, tanned with natural muscle. not like a body builder, more like a laborer, construction worker, etc. In fact I told the cops that the only people new in my neighborhood were a group of roofers that had been working on a house across the street. They never caught the guy.


I been in prison sorry people you have to many people opening there mouth that no nothing. Regular inmates 35k death row 70-80k a year. I say go in cell with these people and live with them. There no saving them. You show mercy on them and they never showed mercy on victims. Prisoners think prison should be easy. If you know your going swing for your crime your going think about what your doing. Think about victims and actually think about them what they went threw. These Horrific crimes are starting be accepted in communities until happens to them. It eye for eye found guilty you swing. They use hang horse theives!! Sing sing prison 600 prisoners executed. These things are real and people need wake up. They always crying and say there sorry for crimes and would big them back. Son of sam is man of god now he says!! Amazing always turn to god. Im sorry As soft and whining people are dont stand a chance with monsters like these people. Like people in California trying make child porn legal really people you agree with that!!


Seems it might be that the smiley face killer is out for revenge, probably after being mickied with date rape drug and abused. Yes, I’m implying that the killer is female .


It would seem straight, white, male professionals are relatively safe from serial killers. Well, assuming we don’t find another Ted Kaczynski.

candy l dejolie

AShkan: Your ignorance is amazing! Although I am sure we all agree that prostitutes and many drug addicts put their selves in very vulnerable situtations constantly (which by no means makes it ok for them to be abused in any way by anyone!) NOBODY is immune from the possibility of becoming the victim of a serial killer. Every serial killer has his/her MO. They choose their victims for different reasons and some for no reason at all. A girl walking home from school like she has every day has no way of knowing if the car that just passed her has a serial killer in it that is stalking young school girls. Some serial killers break into peoples houses to get their victims. Regardless of who, what. or where you are, how much money you have or how careful you are there is always a possibility you can become a serial killer’s next victim.


Has anyone considered the possibility that Brazil’s Rainbow Maniac killer is a female? Perhaps she was close emotionally to a male, and upon finding that the male was homosexual, she developed a hatred for homosexuals. This might explain why all of the victims were male, not female. It may also explain why the victim’s pants were around their’ ankles, a way of “disgracing” their manhood. Just food for thought.


rudy, you are bored because you lack the intelligence of a one cell organism. look deeper into politics. goooooood byyye.



Are you SERIOUS?!?! You said:

“I believe that if something bad happened to you, you in some way contributed to it, for instance rape happen when someone out late at night by themselves, the people drinking that crap could have chosen not to drink.”

I’m gonna venture to guess that you’re a man. Because as a women, we know that we are prayed upon day or night.

For your information, I was sexually assaulted in BROAD daylight on a Saturday in 2018 while grocery shopping. According to you, I must’ve done something to deserve it?
I was dressed extremely conservatively and didn’t even know my attacker. Surveillance caught the act on tape and to my horror, I found out he was stalking me from
The moment I entered the store an hour before.
This man had bail jumping charges along with sexual assault, 2 rape charges, sexual harassment, and stalking.
Yet, my attack must’ve somehow been my fault.
P.S. forgot to mention, I was not drunk but he was. I don’t drink or do drugs.

Adam Sedgwick

The reasons it’s most difficult to catch serial killer/killers could be those who are politicians/authorities/priests/nuns/professionals and etc.
I think everyone should have body gps implanted on them so they can be tracked/discovered on circumstantial evidences and be narrowed down to possible suspect….it saves time. Why spend all the dollars trying to find them?

Anthony Wolf

Some of these comments are over the top here! Judge mental people that don’t know struggles of addiction would degrade or insult the memory of the women who escorted, tricked, hooked, dated, sex workers, prostitutes or whatever you want to refer to them as does not make them any less human or deserving to live. I am a 44 year old male and I’ve been on the streets of Philadelphia many times over the past 24 years because of a heroin addiction and that put me with a lot of young women who were some of the most beautiful and caring women I’ve ever known and many have died from overdoses sadly I know that I would have given my own life to save the women that I’ve known out there. They did so much to help me with my struggles. Don’t judge because it can happen to anyone! The idiot that says bad things don’t happen to smart good people is very ignorant and naive! Do some research man, bad things happen to good smart people all the time! I believe that killers should go the way they took their victims out if not worse! I’ve been to prison and the death penalty is basically quick and painless! Make them live their days in prison and study their minds to prevent more killings. Executing Ted Bundy was so foolish because he understood the mind of these coward men who violently kill women. Make them live in general population so they can get what’s coming to them! I’ve been to state prison in pa and I know first hand how things are done there! It’s no hotel people! Imagine being on a block with 800 convicts that are mostly all in phenomenal shape and dangerous and never enough cos to maintain order. A lot of the newer prisons don’t house as many inmates as I listed above but there are still some old jails that do. They are classified and housed accordingly! Death Penalty is way too easy for them and the possibility that this might make them ok with God is just scary to me


I have to agree with removing the voice of words for the women that were killed. Some people feel they have no options or even feel insecure and not good enough. Many reasons why people turn to jobs like that. Most of the wen are very young and or scared. Some may have babies and no family to help. Providing in any way u feel that u can is what matters. Not all people are bad people.


CA has the worst laws. It helps criminals while preventing law abiding citizens from defending themselves (banning certain knives because they’re used by bad guys in movies lol and making guns barely usable with limited ammo and huge rudders welded to the grips). It’s fine to have the regular kind if you’re a criminal and you don’t even have to register them. Finally get caught after a killing spree lasting 20 years? Get sentenced to death? Laughable since it means you’re put on death row and have a nice hotel room. Yes free room and board to live out your golden years on taxpayer money. What a joke.


Ruby, what does that even mean???


Ruby- “your kind of people”! So you’re insinuating that you are a serial killer?

They ARE sex workers. How is that offensive if it was their line of work? The only people that think labeling a victim as a sex worker is wrong are people who are judgemental against sex workers. Stop, just stop!


Angela, you may think it’s “disgusting” and “disrespectful” to refer to women as sex workers, but did it ever occur to you that those specific words are used because they are also a group of people that are generally heavily targeted by killers, both one offs and serial. So get off of you feminism high horse and realise why they are labelled the way the are.

Lord Lucan

“Progressivism” is what got every one of those released early, released. Congratulations, leftists. You’re responsible for even more deaths.


Please remove "God"s comment above.


They chose to sell there bodies he should of used prostitute right instead of sex worker cause ??? Sex work is work after all


To those who are victim activists. We all know it is not the victims fault, however the key to finding these people and giving their potential victims a chance to avoid their gaze ut is important to portray the victim as they are. Especially for killers who’s MO is unknown. Its not about degrading their memory, they life they lead they did so until their end. And letting people know of their occupation, location and other defining factors can help others avoid meeting the MO of these people. Its sad yes, but we need to learn from these incidents. Don’t let the person die in vein. Who they are is who they are. For example sex worker…. she sold her body for sex, was a prostitute, or what ever you want to call it. It is who she is, and we need to accept that those people put them selves in dangerous situations. But the public needs to be aware. So no don’t change the title, its not about the victim, its about finding out who the killer targets. Serial killers have a preferred target. Its not the victims fault they are the target, but people should know who the killer targets. No dancing around the subject. That kind of thinking gives the killer opportunity.


John bitterly is like and the murders started in 88.I also believe he is responsible for the Atlantic City murders.I have studied all the details for the last 8 years and law enforcement believe several killers are responsible because of the way they were desposed.But John only cared about what he did before he killed them and how he killed them and desposed of them was just an after thought.


For the “Long Island Serial Killer,” can you please remove “sex worker(s)” as a description of Shannan and the other victims? Your choice of words is so denigrating to the memories of these innocent women. There are so many other words you could’ve chosen to use when referring to them, yet you chose to insult their legacy and families. This could’ve easily been avoided with “young female” or “23-year old.” It is truly disappointing seeing some humans lack a sense of respect and sensitivity.


Don’t let this crap ruin your hope, I believe that if something bad happened to you, you in some way contributed to it, for instance rape happen when someone out late at night by themselves, the people drinking that crap could have chosen not to drink, and as for murder, it’s extremely rare for someone to be murdered in their own home in broad daylight. Bad things don’t happen to good smart people.


I believe the Long Island killer may be a copycat since placing his at his first killings that would put him out of shape to continue such murders

Tammy Friedman

Serial killers are one of the most unsettling phenomenon of modern times? I seriously doubt serial killers just sprung up in modern times. They have probably been around a lot longer, more like since ancient times.


It’s not exactly known if the Brazilian victims were transitioning or not and there are no different indicators if their pronouns reflected their actual or perceived gender preference. Some of the victims were prostitutes from what I understand about this case, so the term “transvestite” would be appropriate in this case.

Miss P

Draven – if you had checked, you would have found that the killer had murdered gay men, and a transvestite. Not everything is a call to arms.


This was in Brazil. Transgender is somewhat known but only as a western culture label. The term “travesti” is the catch all term for trans women and cross dressing men. It basically means “not man” and is the unofficial third gender. He couldve been a number of different identites but transvestite is the accurate translation from Portugese even if not PC by western standards.

Danny B

What fascinates me is more a lot of the public’s perceptions of what a serial killer should look like, however they conjured that up in their heads (movies, news, pictures, you name it). The fact of the matter is a person would never know, and a lot of serial killers like to blend in. I figure older serial killers are also just aged (whether caught or not) and could have been doing this since teens (maybe before then), early 20’s, 30’s, you name it. Many do and are caught sooner. Also, you cannot go off of looks at all. It’s all around the world and there have been very good looking, decent, to downright ugly. Not to mention all races, tall, short, fat, skinny, degreed, not degreed, on and on. The point is, a person would never know, but it is definitely interesting to talk to others about what they think a serial killer looks like


You called the victims in Brazil “transvestites” . Transvestites are men who dress as women, often being prostitutes. The correct term is transgender.

Sarah Williams

Pfftt, God doesn’t exist. But this stuff inspires me. qwp
My parents don’t like this but I do. They tried for about a year to keep me from seeing it, never happened, never will.


They caught the Daytona Beach killer today

Sammy Santos

Everyone,… I stress the importance to know that EVERY PERSON CONVICTED (whomever) of a crime needs to know that what ever the crime may be CONVICTED/ACQUITTED in this life WE ALL are living in the world today; NEEDS to keep in mind that. To WHOMEVER needs to know that whom ever committed the crime may or may not get away with it in this world,… but WE ALL are going to have to stand before God and give an account as to what ever sin or crime committed. GOOD and BAD,….. SAVED or LOST before a Holy/Righteous GOD!!!


They caught the Maryvale shooter after he went cold, he tried to pawn the same gun he used in the murders at a pawn shop…dingus


I agree with TJ, you guys are definitely waaaaayyy off with the delivery of your conclusions who ever is running this site really didn’t do any research at all…. There’s way more to this . this should probably be shut down


None of these killers ar fun, no good plot or anything it’s all boring I know real life is not very fun but I thought at least my kind of people would entertain me

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