Need a Quick Horror Fix?  Check Out the Short Films of David F. Sandberg


Can a three-minute film with no dialogue be scary?  The answer is 100% Yes! ... If it comes from the creative minds of filmmaker David F. Sandberg and his wife, actress Lotta Losten.  Sandberg is definitely a horror director to put on your watch list...both for his full-length movies and ingenious, well-crafted horror shorts.



Sandberg is the writer and director of the acclaimed full-length film Lights Out, which happens to be based on one of his super-creepy short films.  He is also the director of the upcoming Annabelle 2, the next entry in the Conjuring franchise. 



You can watch Sandberg’s innovative short horror films, often featuring his wife, on his addictive Vimeo channel.  Be sure to check out the short version of Lights Out, and his other horror shorts like Coffer and Attic Panic.  These short films perfectly capture the essence of horror (no dialogue required) and leave you wanting more!


Can't wait to watch?  Check out Coffer now!






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