Get Ready to Get Scared:  Best New Horror Movie Trailers



What upcoming horror movies are on your radar this year?  The anticipation of the release of a new horror movie that’s getting a lot of buzz grows even stronger when the official movie trailer gets released.  Here are some trailers for upcoming horror movies that are sure to get you excited to go to your local multiplex and experience the full scare:


Alien Covenant (May 19):  Ridley Scott directs this latest addition to the Alien storyline.  A colony ship called Covenant is on its way to a far-off planet when they discover a world that seems like heaven but of course is anything but paradise.


The Void (April 7):  A small town cop brings a mysteriously injured guy to the local hospital, which soon becomes surrounded by creepy figures in white robes outside.  Inside, as you’ll see in the trailer, lots of gory stuff starts to happen.


Here Alone (March 31):  A woman who survived a killer virus that took her family lives alone in the woods fighting off zombies.  Then she meets up with a seemingly uninfected couple…but can she trust them?


Life (March 24):  Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds star in this sci-fi horror movie about a group of space station astronauts who discover that a sample taken from Mars contains one very strange and frightening alien life form.


Nails (Feb. 20 (Ireland)):  Already released in Ireland where it was produced, Nails tells the story of a woman, paralyzed and helpless after an accident, who becomes convinced that an evil entity called “Nails” is out to get her.


The Belko Experiment (March 17):  A group of people who think they are working for a non-profit are trapped in an office building and told they must kill a certain number of their fellow hostages or they will all die.  When heads literally start exploding, they realize this game is for real.



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