best paranormal movies on netflix

If you are a fan of horror films in general, and paranormal and ghost stories in particular, then you already know how many great ghost and paranormal movies there are on Netflix. From films about exorcisms to movies about paranormal activity and haunted houses, if you’re looking for something truly scary, there are dozens of popular and lesser-known movies to choose from. 

How do you find the best paranormal movies on Netflix?

Choosing a favorite from all of the ghost movies on Netflix is hard, but here’s a list of some recent entries in the genre to get you started.  After your done with the article, make sure to check out our limited edition horror clothing!

 A Haunting at Silver Falls

image of movie poster for a haunting at silver falls

Loosely based on a true story about real-life murdered twins, the ghosts in this movie are the spirits of a pair of murdered twin girls.  Years ago, their father was found guilty for a murder he didn’t commit, leading the young heroine of our story to uncover the ugly truth behind what really happened in the town of Silver Falls years ago. 

I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

young woman brushing an old woman's hair

A dreamy and atmospheric haunted house tale that centers on a young hospice nurse who is brought in to care for a mysterious old woman in her creepy house.  The twist in this thoughtful and clever film is that the old house is perhaps even more haunted by upcoming deaths than the ones that have already happened.

The Rite

image of movie poster for the rite

Based on the real-life story of a young American priest who trained as an exorcist in Rome, The Rite stars Anthony Hopkins as a famous exorcist who works with the young priest on a case involving a possessed pregnant girl who was raped by her father.  One of the big problems with being an exorcist?  The demon might end up inside of you. 

The Awakening

young woman holding a lantern in a dark room

Set in 1920s England, a young writer who exposes paranormal hoaxes investigates stories of a child’s ghost haunting a boarding school in this British film.  She uncovers a lot more supernatural activity going on than just the ghost of one boy…including how her own troubled past is intertwined with the school’s ghosts.

The Devil Inside

demonic looking girl twisted into odd position

This documentary-style movie is about a girl who, with the assistance of a documentary filmmaker, investigates the strange behavior of her mother, who underwent an exorcism some years earlier.  Is the mom mentally ill or possessed?  Perhaps a hint is that there’s a contortionist in the film’s credits by the name of Pixie Le Knot, so you know what that means.


image of movie poster for insidious

Definitely the most famous movie on our list, most people are already familiar with the plot of Insidious, which revolves around a young boy who acts as a kind of portal to another world populated by demons and evil spirits.  Even if you’ve seen it before, Insidious still has some of the best jump scares in recent horror movies.

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