10 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Horror Fans


Looking for something special to give to your favorite horror movie fan this Christmas? (Besides one of our killer shirts, of course!) We’ve found some of the coolest gifts for horror fans out there…and you don’t have to sell off any of your body parts to afford them. Check out some of our favorite horror-inspired gifts.


Zombie Lampshade (Spooky Shades)

Check out this unique handmade lampshade featuring classic Night of the Living Dead zombie images, plus some cool Walking Dead references too.


Bloody Spoon Rest (Never Chill)

Know a horror fan who loves to cook? You won’t find a more perfect gift than this bloody splash spoon rest. They can always tell non-horror fans that it’s spaghetti sauce.


Mars Attacks Glasses (Sourpuss Clothing)

Movie fans who like a little comedy along with their horror will appreciate these funky Mars Attacks glasses, featuring the movie’s villains and logo. Ack Ack!


Jason Voorhees Ring (eBay)

This Jason hockey mask ring comes in stainless steel and would be the perfect gift for any Friday the 13th fan.


Evil Dead Ash Figure (Think Geek)

This POP version of Ash from Army of Darkness is so cute it’s scary. Love the chainsaw and boomstick!


Redrum Bookends (Knob Creek Metal Arts)

These handmade, solid steel bookends with a bloody red finish are a unique choice for your Shining-obsessed friends.


Nightmare on Elm Street Sign (Caufield’s Novelty)

A bloody “Elm Street” street sign with Freddy’s clawed glove reaching around from the back…what could be a better gift for that special horror fan in your life?


Patrick Bateman Beer Glass (Glassortment)

American Psycho fans will love this pilsner-style beer glass with a hand-painted portrait of a maniacal and bloody Patrick Bateman. You might just have to get one of these for yourself too!


Bloody Shower Curtain (eBay)

Any horror fan would love this bloody handprint shower curtain, but fans of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie Psycho might be especially pleased to get this as a present!


Evil Clown Throw Pillow (CafePress)

What’s the perfect accent piece for a horror fan’s home décor? Why, an evil clown throw pillow of course. This Pennywise-like clown just dares you to sit down next to him.


 **Serial Killer Cereal Bowls from Urban Outfitters at top of post have unfortunately been discontinued, but you might get lucky and find them on eBay!







Robyn Britton

I want the bowls!!!!!!


How do to purchase


I wanna buy the serial killer bowls for my gfs bday. How much are they and when will i get them by?

Rude Girl

I make bowls like these!! Go to etsy and search for Rude Girl Designs. Thanks.


Shitty in the midst of all that it’s says the bowls are discontinued then stop advertising them. I see them every where saying visit this site..nope dont!


I need the bowls! When will they be available?

Mitchell Peterson

I need the bowls. Where can I get the bowls?


Where can i buy the bowls from

Betsy Lloyd

Where can I order the bowls from?

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