7 Best Horror TV Shows to Watch on Netflix


Now’s a great time for horror fans to watch cool horror shows on television. Between The Walking Dead, Ash vs. Evil Dead, and of course the ongoing American Horror Story series, it’s easy to keep up with all the current horror shows as they air. Can’t get enough of a good thing? There are plenty of excellent horror shows from the past available to watch on Netflix right now. Here are a few must-see horror TV shows on Netflix.


Black Mirror

A fascinating British anthology series in the tradition of The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror specialized in stories about the dark side of modern Western society, particularly the unanticipated negative consequences of new technology. The series ran for two seasons beginning in 2013. Black Mirror fans will be glad to hear that Netflix recently commissioned a third season, to be filmed soon.


The Returned

Check out the original French version called Les Revenants, and save the American remake for later. The Returned is a disturbing tale about what happens in a small town when residents who have died suddenly reappear and return home, totally unaware that they are supposed to be dead. As with Black Mirror, fans of the show will be glad to hear that there’s more to the story than just one season. Season 2 airs on Sundance this fall.


Witches of East End

A Lifetime horror series? Yes, it’s true. Witches of East End aired on Lifetime for two seasons. It’s about a family of witches: a woman, her two daughters, and her sister. The show features some pretty attractive and clever witches, but don’t expect to be really scared, it’s more fun and humorous than frightening.



Gone but not forgotten, Dexter is one of the best horror shows in recent memory. It ran from 2006-2013 and is well worth a re-watching…or first-time viewing if you missed it the first time around. Dexter tells the story of a serial killer with a tragic past who channels his homicidal urges into killing only really bad people.


Hemlock Grove

This Eli Roth-produced show is a Netflix original horror series that premiered in 2013 and so far has run for three seasons. The town of Hemlock Grove is home to a creepy medical research institution, a mental hospital, and oh yes, real live werewolves and other assorted supernatural creatures. The show is notable for some crazy storylines and seriously gross imagery.



Fringe was a sci-fi/horror series (created by J.J. Abrams) that aired from 2008-2013. The show followed the exploits of the FBI’s “Fringe Division” which investigated all kinds of strange goings-on, including parallel universes and alternative timelines. Fringe uniquely combined X-Files style paranormal themes with the crime drama/police procedural format of shows like Law & Order.



If you haven’t watched the three seasons of Hannibal before it was cancelled this year, now is the perfect time to see what everyone has been talking about. Hannibal explores the relationship between Dr. Hannibal Lecter (from Silence of the Lambs) and FBI profiler Will Graham. A favorite of both critics and horror fans, Hannibal was known for its haunting imagery and creepy and sinister vibe.




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