7 Underrated Horror Movies to Watch Now


Horror fans pride themselves on their encyclopedic knowledge of horror films, but hey, we can’t watch them all, and sometimes a good one falls through the cracks.  We’ve gathered a few horror movies that fans and critics have labeled as “underrated” and definitely worth watching…good enough reason to check them out and decide for yourself.  You never know when you’ll discover a new favorite.


The Orphanage (2007)

A Spanish horror film (El Orfanato) about a former orphanage that seems to be haunted by the spirits of its deceased child residents…including a boy with a deformed face covered by a very creepy sack.


My Soul to Take (2010)

An urban legend tells of a serial killer who vows to return from the dead to kill the children who were born on the night he died.  What’s the real reason why these kids are starting to disappear now?


May (2002)

This odd film is about an eccentric woman who was tormented as a child.  When adult relationships don’t go as planned, she decides to build a new friend out of…um…parts.


Death Bell (2008)

A Korean film (Gosa) about a group of advanced students from an exclusive high school who begin to get killed during the worst Saturday study session ever.


Cropsey (2009)

This chilling documentary explores the truth behind an urban legend surrounding Staten Island’s notorious Willowbrook Mental Institution.  “Cropsey” was supposedly a murderous escaped mental patient who went after children.  When children really start to go missing, the filmmakers investigate the real boogeyman.


The House at the End of Time (2013)

A horror movie from Venezuela (La Casa del Fin de los Tiempos) about a woman who lives in a creepy old house.  She is imprisoned when her husband is found murdered there.  Decades later she returns to the house when she gets out of prison to try to solve the mystery of what really went on there.


Malevolence (2003)

Bank robbers on the run hold a woman and her daughter hostage in an abandoned house.  They don’t know that they are about to encounter a crazy serial killer who happens to live right nearby.




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