When’s a better time to catch up on some horror movie watching than around Halloween? Not in the mood to re-watch some classic old favorites? You can check out some of the more obscure entries in the horror genre that were released in the past few years on Netflix. Here are just a few independent and foreign horror films that are worth seeking out if you missed them at the movies.


The Taking of Deborah Logan

A genuinely creepy movie about an old woman who is being filmed for a documentary on Alzheimer’s disease. Her strange behavior begins to seem less like Alzheimer’s and more like demonic possession. Lots of disturbing creepy old lady imagery in this one.


The Frozen

A young couple is stranded in the snowy woods after a snowmobile accident. The guy goes missing and a young woman named Emma is left alone to survive in the wilderness, while experiencing strange visions. Is she really alone or is something out there with her?


The Horde

A French horror film about a group of Paris cops in search of a drug dealer in a run-down public housing complex. Cops and bad guys face off, but they have bigger problems on their hands when a zombie apocalypse breaks out.


Beyond the Black Rainbow

A trippy Canadian sci-fi horror movie that will remind you of Stanley Kubrick’s films. Set in the 1980s, a mute girl with psychic powers is a captive at a strange research institution founded in the 1960s by the weird Dr. Arboria. What is her connection to the doctor and his past?


Here Comes the Devil

Check out this Mexican horror movie about a couple of kids who get lost in some remote caves, and start exhibiting odd behavior after they return. Their parents suspect something evil has happened to them…why don’t the kids seem like themselves anymore?


The Road

Not to be confused with the film version of Cormac McCarthy’s book of the same name, this is a Filipino horror film that follows three related stories about an eerie deserted road that is haunted by supernatural forces. The stories reveal the evil that has happened there over the years.


House Hunting

A psychological horror film about two families interested buying the same remote, abandoned house. A traumatized girl warns them not to enter. The families find themselves trapped in the house, which exerts a strange control over the people and brings out the worst in them.



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