What is it about creepy little children that can turn an average scary movie into a truly disturbing one? There’s something about the idea of an innocent child who becomes haunted or possessed by evil forces that strikes a deep nerve. Would The Exorcist be as horrifying if it was a grown man and not a little girl who is possessed by the devil? Not to mention Rosemary’s Baby. How many pregnant women have had nightmares about giving birth to some sort of monster? Here are some of our favorite disturbing horror movie kids.


Barto, The Unborn (2009)

If you’ve ever felt there was something creepy about twins, proceed with caution when watching The Unborn. Who is this pale little boy who keeps haunting Casey? Turns out her great uncle Barto was a twin killed in Nazi concentration camp experiments during the Holocaust. A lost spirit called a dybbuk takes over his body and sets its sights on poor Casey.


Isaac, Children of the Corn (1984)

A mysterious little boy preacher convinces the children of a small Nebraska community to kill all of the adults in town (and those just passing through) and worship a demonic entity called He Who Walks Behind the Rows.


Rhonda, The Bad Seed (1956)

One of the earliest and most famous creepy kids, this polite little blonde girl in pigtails and frilly dresses is not nearly as sweet as she looks. A classic must-see for horror fans, featuring great performances by the actors who play Rhonda and her tortured mother.


Damien, The Omen (1976)

It doesn’t get much creepier than little Damien from the classic satanic horror film The Omen. Why are so many people around this kid dying? A little investigation into his strange origins reveals that Damien just happens to be the Anti-Christ.


Mutant Kids, The Brood (1979)

David Cronenberg’s sci-fi horror film The Brood features some ridiculously disturbing murderous dwarf children with strange anatomical deformities. These are no ordinary kids, but something called “psychoplasmics”—the physical manifestation of rage, brought about by childhood traumas.


Toshio, The Grudge (2004)

An 8 year old boy witnesses his father murder his mother. The father then brutally murders him (and the family cat), before committing suicide. They are all victims of a supernatural curse which haunts the home. The creepy ghosts of Toshio and his mom terrorize the house’s new residents.


Lilith, Case 39 (2009)

A social worker named Emily investigates the child abuse case of Lilith, a 10 year old girl. When the girl’s family tries to kill her, Emily takes Lilith in, but strange things begin happening. The parents inform Emily that Lilith is in fact a demon who must be destroyed.






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