Ed Gein Painting

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Ed Gein is the real life Leatherface, and now you can have him on your wall! This hand painted serial killer painting took artist Eli Velez over 20 hours to complete.

Painted on a 16" x 20" 8 oz stretched 5/8" wooden frame canvas, with acrylic paint and oil based paint marker. Finished with a rust oleum clear cover spray to make it protected, sealed and archival grade quality.

From the artist:

"Painting Ed Gein was a necessity for me. My favorite group of movies is the whole Texas chainsaw massacre franchise so I had to do something with the originator of the TCM idea. So I got the idea from the Ed Gein movie "Butcher of Plainfield" and how "American" middle America it was. So I got an idea to mix Ed Gein with the  'American Gothic' painting. But instead of making a man and his wife, I made Ed Gein's with his significant other (who was turned into a lampshade), with the matching mask and skin vest that was confiscated by the police when they were searching his farm home. The background also has Ed Gein's is family farm." - Eli Velez

Due to the time intensive nature of this product no discounts can be applied. Only ships to the United States.

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