BTK Dennis Rader Canvas Painting

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You're bound to feel extremely uneasy displaying our BTK Killer Dennis Rader canvas painting on the walls of your home. Rader, known as BTK (Bind/Torture/Kill) by the media and law enforcement, terrorized Kansas for two decades, killing 10 people.

The art features disturbing polaroids, a mask, and a piece of rope resting behind Rader and his chilling gaze. Our BTK painting is just one of many serial killer art pieces we have available. 

Painted on a 16" x 20" 8 oz stretched 5/8" wooden frame canvas, with acrylic paint and oil based paint marker. Finished with a rust oleum clear cover spray to make it protected, sealed and archival grade quality.

From the artist:

Due to the time intensive nature of this product no discounts can be applied. Only ships to the United States.

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