6 Repulsive Zombie Feeding Frenzies



The feeding frenzy is an unforgettable moment in any ideal zombie flick. This occurrence has been portrayed in countless scenarios, and is arguably one of the most depraved acts perpetrated by the reanimated. It makes your stomach churn; it makes your pulse rapid; it makes you remember why you love (or hate) zombies. Let us now examine some instances of the infamous zombie feast!

 Night of the Living Dead (1968)

This cult classic depicts the remains of two recently deceased characters becoming a meal for a pack of the undead. Flesh is stripped from bone and intestines on the grass are ravenously snatched up. The zombies take turns dismembering the remains and tearing away the precious meat. The goriness of this movie garnered a lot of controversy because the MPAA ratings were not in place when it was released. Imagine the shocking effect it had on the young moviegoers of this era!


Dawn of the Dead (1978)

One of the most iconic scenes in this movie is when “Flyboy” is helplessly confronted by a group of attacking zombies in an elevator. As soon as the doors open, he is suddenly and unexpectedly thrown to the back of the elevator, and bitten several times before having the chance to retaliate. Despite his screams of agonizing pain, and desperate attempts at survival, the undead converge on him and relentlessly feed. When the elevator doors open again, we see our the newly-zombified Stephen. His eyes are pale white, and he slowly exits the elevator with an all-too-familiar shambling gait.


Zombi (1979)

As they return to Menard’s mansion, the gang of scientists is horrified to find a pack of accursed undead gluttonously snacking upon the mutilated remains of Paola. In the shadows of this room, blood from her wounds flows down and soaks the floor beneath. With a countenance of lifeless animalism, the living cadavers slowly engorge themselves with shreds of her flesh and sinew. This feast creates a remarkable feeling of hopelessness in the onlookers.


The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue (1974)

While a group of voracious cadavers form a tight perimeter around him, a constable cries out for help on his radio to no avail. He falls to the ground of the graveyard as they converge on him. The force of their attacks causes his stomach to explode, and he screams and convulses from the overwhelming pain of hands digging through his insides. The zombies begin to remove his organs from the massive hole in his torso. They chew on them with delight as the policeman slowly expels his final breath.


Day of the Dead (1985)

There is a plethora of barbarically imposing scenes within this renowned 80’s classic. The last 30 minutes of this movie are so violent that I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that several ushers were forced to remain after the premiere to mop up popcorn-infused puddles of vomit. This one is so repulsive that it required two parts.

I. The death of Pvt. Salazar

While the movie approaches the climax, Pvt. Salazar becomes fixated on thoughts of mortality and, in an ultimately suicidal course of action, formulates a plan in which he intends to allow the undead access to the compound. After luring the zombies through the gates, he lies down on the elevator platform, silently weeping in anticipation of the pain, and sacrifices his body to them. His throat is quickly bitten and, as blood spurts from the gaping wound, the remainder of his body becomes subjected to the malevolence of their sharp rotting teeth.


II. The death of Captain Rhodes

A climactic sequence where the villainous Captain Rhodes succumbs to a flesh-ripping horde is perhaps the most memorable moment in this film. As he shrieks in protest, the filthy hands of a dozen zombies dig themselves deep into his carcass, tearing him wide open--eviscerating him. The rib cage is revealed. The legs and feet are quickly separated from his midsection and dragged away, not unlike how a hungry dog takes his treat away to enjoy in seclusion. Meanwhile, the remainder of his spilled innards, entrails, and torn flesh are instinctively ingested for sustenance. This final feeding frenzy is much like the finale of a fireworks display in that it's drawn out, and is the climax of visual intensity.






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