7 of the Most Iconic Horror Film Images


The classic German horror film Nosferatu features one of the earliest and most famous images of the horror genre…a shadow of the incredibly scary-looking vampire Count Orlok climbing a flight of stairs, on the way to his next victim. There have been many iconic horror movie images that have stuck in fans’ minds over the years, some genuinely disturbing, some just kind of silly. Here are a few of our favorites.


The Twins from The Shining

Stanley Kubrick modeled his famous creepy identical twin girls after a well-known black and white photograph by the noted photographer Diane Arbus. If you ever thought there was anything creepy about identical twins, look no further than The Shining.


“They’re here” from Poltergeist

A normal suburban family gets the shock of their lives when evil entities in the house begin to make their presence known. The TV begins speaking to little Carol Ann, and something creepy makes its way out of the screen. Mom and dad wake up to Carol Ann’s memorable line.


The Birth of the Alien

The original Alien film hit theaters in 1979 and audiences had no idea they were in for the most wild movie ride of their lives. The movie’s not only dark, atmospheric, and incredibly tense, but it also features one of the most shocking scenes ever…the “birth” of the alien out of poor Kane.


The Baboon Attack in The Omen

Ever drive through a safari park and feel a little nervous? Then you’ve probably seen The Omen, which has a famous scene (just one of many) where the mere presence of the demonic child Damien makes the baboons go crazy and begin to attack the car.


The Sisters from Mama

What’s creepier than the title character from Mama? Many horror fans would argue it’s that image of the still-feral sisters sitting on top of the refrigerator looking more like monsters than human beings. Gotta give Jessica Chastain credit for babysitting these two.


The Birds Playground Scene

There are so many disturbing images from Alfred Hitchcock’s horror classic The Birds, it’s hard to pick just one. Our vote might have to go to the scene where Tippi Hedren sits on a bench outside of a school when one by one, crows begin landing on the jungle gym behind her. The tension builds and sure enough, the kids are in for a terrifying afternoon.







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